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If you have some commentary to share about Peak Oil or TT, please feel free to create a blog and let loose!

Your posts will be shown on this 'blogs' page, and on the home page of this site, ensuring good exposure for your content.

Scaling back this web site

  • This web site has grown old, both in terms of it's content and the underlying software that makes it tick. Significant work is now required to keep that software secure and operational, which TTNZ does not have the resources to undertake.
  • There is no national-level coordination of Transition Towns groups.
  • Only a few local groups are still active in New Zealand.

Therefore, this web site will soon become radically simplified - just a single page with links to the web sites or social media presence of whichever TT groups exist. » Read more

A peak oil game!

In oiligarchy you play an oil driller who explores for oil, corrupts politicians and opposes anything that might decrease society's oil addiction. Have fuuuun, it's at


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