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Expressions of interest

Hi all,

this is a deliberately very loose post - I want to see what happens.

The short version:

I'm looking for expressions of interest to participate in / co-lead any of the following ventures:

1, Establishment of a national Transition office / coordinator / leadership team

2. Securing funding for the above

3. Offering transition based advisory services to Councils, Businesses, Community groups, Individuals » Read more

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Transition Cafe

We are so excited! We are about to launch Wellington's first 'koha cafe' - from 2 May 2011 the Alicetown Community Centre (home to Transition Town Lower Hutt) will be transformed into a place of socializing, sharing, fun and learning. Every Tuesday (10 am - 2 pm) we will gather to share delicious home made food, tea, coffee and produce (all donation only - give what you can, give what you want, give what you feel is right) and have an excellent time together! » Read more

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This brings tears to my eyes...

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Post Carbon Institute news

This is worth a read:

and this is worth a watch and a great clip to keep and show people:

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Women in Transition workshop - Dec 12, Upper Hutt

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Richard Heinberg on the Deepwater Horizon "spill" (it's more like a flood...)

Check out this link for some more background on the Gulf oil desaster... The Comments are worth reading, too: 


And for those who feel so inclined, Michael C. Rupperst is live now.

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Totnes 2030 Energy Descent Plan

For a look across the globe, this comprehensive document might be of interest: Very impressive!

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Skilling up for Powerdown

Skilling up for Powerdown is a course based on Rob Hopkins' successful UK model, but adapted to the NZ context. It will launch on Oct 7 at the Transition Centre in Alicetown - and hopefully spread from there on to other dates, locations and venues. It's a 9 week course, 7.30 - 9.30 pm at Alictown Transition Centre. See the attached brochure for any more details! To register, ring Natalie 04 5769596.

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