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Danny Boyle buys rights to remake ‘In Transition 2.0’

In a surprise move that could bankroll the Transition movement for many years to come, Transition Network can reveal that it is in the final stages of discussions with Danny Boyle, director of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, to buy the rights to remake ‘In Transition 2.0’.

Getting a peek at the effects of Peak Oil - Heinberg

ALBANY — The last time Richard Heinberg visited the Capital Region in the summer of 2006, oil cost about $70 a barrel and gasoline was $3 a gallon.

When he returned Tuesday to again talk about the gradual end of the golden age of cheap fossil fuel on which modern society floats, that barrel cost $105 and gas was tickling $4. Some experts are predicting prices could hit $5 by the summer.

The (En)Rich List | A Wealth of Inspiration!

Media_httpenrichlisto_unqkg via enrichlist.org

What a fabulous idea! To celebrate the people who are doing some (significant) good, with our without wealth. And Rob Hopkins, founder of Transition Towns, is right up there, on the front page.

This movement, which you are either a part of, or curious about, is about going beyond dependence on oil, and actively building local resilience. What better focus of intention could there be in these fast changing times. » Read more

‘Atmos Totnes: the heart of a new economy’ campaign launched!

What we are asking”, Rob Hopkins of TTT told us, “is that Dairy Crest stands by their corporate commitment of recognising ‘that the company has a valuable role to play in the life of the local community’.  We live in a time of localism, of communities now having a ‘right to buy’ and also a ‘right to try’.  We are exercising those rights.  Dairy Crest have tried and failed to sell this site to developers.  We are where the passion, the ideas and the vision for the site are, and we represent the best way for Dairy Crest to be able to unlock any value from the site.  It’s time to make this happen”.
via transitionculture.org

See the website: http://atmostotnes.org/

Here's a great example of a local community working to take control of a valuable local resource, in this case a significant building. They're using a powerful and simple slogan and graphic: "The heart of a new economy".

When will we see some of this kind of action in New Zealand?

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Society 2.0 - Entering a World Without Money

One of the most clear descriptions of the problem and how the solution could unfold.

UK Transition Newsletter - inspiring reading for the long weekend

The original link:



Transition Network Newsletter - February 2012


This month we start off with more news about the 2.0 movie before our regular news round ups; a poetry competition, inner transition survey; a bumper edition of social reporting stories with thoughts on looking forward, plus skill share of building benders and making bread and more; 2012 Training dates and a great deal more to inspire.

2012 Great Waiheke plum Drive

A great time was had by all.

More photos here.

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In Transition 2.0 - Trailer

If this trailer is indicative of the film, it looks to be an inspiring one!

What a delight to see so many images from Lyttelton woven through it.

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Politics & Electoral Reform – People Before Parties

People Before Parties: Recommendations for Electoral Reform

A proposal of the Politics and Electoral Reform group at Occupy Wall Street

Bio-Bug (Dung Beetle): The car that runs on human waste

Bio-Bug: Car run on human waste is launched

A car that runs on methane gas produced by human waste has been launched and its makers claim drivers cannot tell the difference.

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