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“Awakening the Transition” a deepening weekend with Molly Brown

Here's an opportunity that may not come along again soon.

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Email: robyn_clare@xtra.co.nz to register
Directions to Wellpark Retreat Centre
For more info on Molly Brown and Joanna Macy's work
you may like to check these links:
http://www.mollyyoungbrown.com/ecopsychology.htm .

Signs of Change Conference on YouTube

You may want to bookmark this one for some holiday viewing.

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Managing Auckland - when community meets council

I was horrified at the proposal to amalgamate Auckland's councils a few short months ago. I saw a move to centralise control at a time when many people, who understand the energy, climate and economic issues facing us, are calling for relocalisation, for stronger, more autonomous communities.

The joining of the eight councils in the Auckland region into a single Auckland council, was pushed through parliament at breakneck speed with minimal involvement or conversation with the communities who live here.

The voice of those opposing or offering was barely heard above the trumpeting of the 'many advantages' in particular the 'economies of scale'. Now it's done.

The response from the community has barely faltered though, and certainly not gone quiet. Thanks to the tremendous commitment of people like the founders of the Auckland Community Development Alliance (ACDA), a "Regional Communities Summit" was held yesterday.

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Bolivia's defiant leader sets radical tone at Cancún climate talks | Environment | The Observer

Morales is a true individual, the only head of state in Cancún who dared to insist that the world should hold global temperature rises to just 1C. As he argues, nature has rights.

Yestarday Bolivia was diplomatically isolated at the end of the UN talks but remained unrepentant, accusing other governments of a disastrous lack of ambition. Some groups have pressed him to tone down his demands to ensure that a political deal could be done at Cancún.

‘ResilientCITY’: a trailer and an interview with Rob Hopkins

Great Power Race

UPDATE: Live webcast of the event can be viewed here: http://j.mp/GPRclosingLIVE

We’re toast – Guy McPherson

The numbers keep pouring in, faster even than we can keep track: 2010 will join 1998 as hottest since 1850. Or maybe it’ll break this most dire of records and become the warmest year ever.

We need more local food - but how?

We need to grow, process and eat much more fresh, local organic food. Of this, there is no doubt.

We grow only 5% of the food we eat on Vancouver Island. So whether it’s because of looming climate impacts, local food security, or our children’s health, we need to increase this ten-fold.

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