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Green property: the power of community spirit - Telegraph

The 74-member bio-diesel group collects chip fat from restaurants and has converted more than 11,000 litres of fuel, saving 29 tons of carbon dioxide; 60 families tend a field of new allotments and have resurrected the village fête; and the hydro group is forging ahead with six small-scale hydroelectric schemes on the streams around the village.

New Statesman - The age of cheap oil is over

We are now inhabiting a 'post-peak' world.

A quiet revolution

Yesterday I gave a 20 minute keynote presentation for the two-day, seven-centre video-linked sustainability conference called Signs of Change. Susan Krumdieck opened the second day by stating that this conference is not about going over what is unsustainable 'again', it's an opportunity to hear a diversity of views about what sustainability might look like. » Read more

I read the news today, oh boy!

What a contrast - walking to day two of 

David Suzuki and beyond

He didn't leave us with a lot of hope, and understandably. The population growth statistics, and our impact on the life support systems we depend on, are hard arguments to refute. The biggest thing I was grateful for, was to test the ideas I have been preparing to share at the Signs of Change conference on Monday. I was happy for that, and feel I am on the right track. » Read more

Don't miss the "Signs of Change"

Here is a chance to engage in dialogue around some of the most important issues of the day. The title says a lot, and I've had a hunch about this event since it was first mooted by Susan Krumdieck at the University of Canterbury. The preparation has been lengthy, the attention to detail outstanding, and everything I've seen and heard this morning at the rehearsal, have confirmed that initial feeling.

Community Currency interview from Transition Towns Kaitaia

I take a certain delight in discovering things that are happening in my own backyard, when they are reported in articles from the other side of the world. In this case the story was part of Rob Hopkin's October roundup.

TTK history: » Read more

The Oil Drum: Campfire | Rescuing Suburbia

Can we abandon Suburbia? The obvious answer is that yes, we CAN abandon suburbia. As long as you’re OK with catastrophic economic collapse and all of its attendant horrors, it’s certainly an option. Most people propose an alternative to suburbia—whether it’s “New Urbanism,” re-urbanization, or some variant thereof, these often implicitly stand for the proposition that we should “abandon suburbia” in order to move in to its replacement.

Rally 4 Sanity

Kim spotted it this morning, and before the day was out the first videos were up on YouTube. John Stewart had this (and more) to say... » Read more

Signs of Change, inspired by TT

Showcasing fundamental change, this national conference will give voice to the positive. The two-day NZ-wide event, organised by Susan Krumdieck, who says her inspiration comes from the Transition Towns philosophy. Susan helped write the "Transition declaration of Independence", and will be known by some of you from her talk at the 2008 Taupo Eco Show.

This event is walking the talk, by using live streaming video, to enable speakers and attendees to take part without needing to travel to just one central location.

» Read more

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