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Digest Colonizers, Make Gas, Cook Beans...

I’ve been wondering for a while how much work and resources would be required to build a prototype for a neighbourhood scale organic-waste-to-energy plant, with a pedal-powered mulcher. » Read more

Food Pods - A Community and Local Food initiative

In another stirring story of community get up and go, networker and all-round-inspiring activist/entrepreneur Sam Rye, writes about FoodPods , and speaks to Heinrich Ungerer, about this local food production and distribution initiative in South Africa.

Based on the idea of: …grass roots entrepreneurship which the Grameen Bank pioneered in India through their micro-loans, and offers a simple franchise model for people to take on a small enterprise to grow food for their family and to sell the surplus for income.

Happy woman in front of her crop

600 Pods and counting (6 Jun 2012). Read the full article here on Bucky Box, or watch this 3 minute video, which tells an inspiring story with practical results.

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Taking back the power

Here's another one of those gutsy community initiative storys worth celebrating.

Brixton Energy had just closed its second share launch, Brixton Energy Solar 2, which had raised £70,000.  Its first project, Brixton Energy Solar 1, was the UK’s first inner-city community-owned solar power station, a 37kW solar array on the roof of Elmore House on the Loughborough Estate.  The second was a 45kW system spread over the roofs of the 4 housing blocks of Styles Gardens.  I joined Agamemnon Otero of Brixton Energy on the roof of a neighbouring tower block on a crisp and clear winter day, with a clear view over the solar systems that Brixton Energy had already installed (see picture above), to ask him more about the project.

Can someone please explain in simple terms what this amount of power equates to. What size settlement would this cater to, if we were all energy conscious, and using it wisely in our homes, and substituting most of the water heating with direct solar?

What I saw through Rob's excellent summary was a project that engaged with people:

...we knocked on doors and find out what people want. You know, we did public engagement and served organic bread and lentils, but people wanted sandwiches and crisps, so we served sandwiches and crisps.

...all thecommunity. In a mutually respectful process:

At our community engagement events/ workshops and people would say, “I hope you guys can do this again for us and other people”. Our Solar Panel Making Workshops attract, mom’s, grandparents, little kids from the estate and beyond. They’d be making these small solar panels, and saying, “this works”.
Another time, a woman who lives here, a single mum, 4 kids, with 2 jobs, said, “this is good.  I’m saving money on my energy bills, my kids got inspired in your workshops”.  She then said, “I just hope this can go to other estates”.

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Learn to build a Rocket Stove


Erica and Ernie Wisner are coming to NZ in February

The Wisner's are experts on building RM's aka Rocket Mass Heaters. RM's are possibly the most efficient and clean burning wood fired heaters in the world. They are constructed from cheap, local, recycled and natural materials, and can be built by anyone with basic skills and tools.

The Wisners have been involved in the construction of over 600 RM's in America and have got them up to "permit standard" on suspended wooden floors.

At the moment Grant Steven in Moerewa and Graeme North in Warkworth have committed themselves to holding RMH workshops but the Wisne's are stopping in NZ on their way to Australia and have said they could come back to NZ after they have finished their Australian Tour.

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Localising Food - Crowdfunding Campaign

Please help fund one of NZ's leading permaculturists on this important educational tour...
Click here:

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Expressions of interest

Hi all,

this is a deliberately very loose post - I want to see what happens.

The short version:

I'm looking for expressions of interest to participate in / co-lead any of the following ventures:

1, Establishment of a national Transition office / coordinator / leadership team

2. Securing funding for the above

3. Offering transition based advisory services to Councils, Businesses, Community groups, Individuals » Read more

For Sale. Ideal Property to develop your Permaculture dream in Oratia, Waitakere Ranges


Two permitted dwellings on just over 2.5 north facing acres. Plenty of water.  There is also an enormous barn big enough to convert to Wwoofer accommodation but still provide a very large workshop. » Read more

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Home available for rent on Wellington permaculture property.

After 3 years our tennant has moved out after buying his own land.

Our 2 bedroom cottage is available on our property in Upper Hutt.

It would suit a single person or a couple, perhaps moving home needing somewhere to live while they find a home and make a life. Or you want to try living of the land for a while, see what its like.

Its a super tranquil place, you can feed the chickens and garded as much as you like. Grow your own food, take from the orchard. » Read more

Permaculture design certificate course - designing for change, September 8th - September 23rd 2012

Permaculture is the harmonious integration of landscape and people — providing their food, energy, shelter, and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way.

The philosophy behind permaculture is one of working with, rather than against, nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless action; of looking at systems in all their functions, rather than asking only one yield of them; and allowing systems to demonstrate their own evolutions. » Read more

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