Submission on the Draft Otago Regional Land Transport Programme‭ ‬2012-15

I am a Dunedin resident,‭ ‬I usually live on Quarantine Island but also own a house in North East Valley and spend some time there.‭  ‬Personally I use a variety of transport modes,‭ ‬often‭  ‬cycling in town and North East Valley,‭ ‬and on the lower road from Portobello to Dunedin,‭ ‬or on SH88‭ ‬from Port Chalmers to Dunedin.‭  ‬I‭  ‬also sometime use the busses on those routes,‭ ‬or travel as a passenger or very occasionally drive in from Portobello.‭  ‬There is one car in our household.‭  ‬We regularly visit Oamaru using the car,‭ ‬and I also travel on busses to Christchurch or Invercar » Read more

Festival of Transition

The Festival of Transition is an invitation to think positively about how our lives could change as we adapt to the end of cheap fossil fuels, address the threat of runaway climate change and fix our broken financial system.

The end of economic growth - how to prepare

Cover from "The End of Growth" by Richard HeinbergIf you get depressed thinking about the long running economic crisis and pending ecological meltdown, then Richard Heinberg’s book “The End of Gro » Read more

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I like the look of this site and its mission - do all the transition town people link to it?

New Zealand’s Potential for Oil Independence in an Uncertain World


Ever since United States oil production peaked in the 1970s there has been debate about the ability of North America to become self reliant by producing all its own oil. Fast forward forty years and this conversation is still taking place and the U.S. is still no closer to oil independence. So what about New Zealand? Could we possibly provide for our own oil needs in the coming years?

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The Heart of Human Evolution… Where We’ve Come From & Where We‘re Going!

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What About Flying?

I'm a Mechanical Engineer. I spend some of my time teaching the next generation of engineers what we know to be true, how to apply the fundamental laws to problems, and how to practice their art. If you ask me a good question, there are logical processes to provide a good answer. » Read more

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