Garden Make-overs

Garden Makeovers.

It may be that the best way to create food security in Opotiki is to encourage local growing.  After all, if we are going to establish a local market-place, we’d better have something to trade!    » Read more

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Transition Children

Having lost the very first Blog that I had written, probably because I wrote it in Blog Space and not on my computer first. “Notes to all bloggers and myself of course: 1. never write your first draft on the blog space, 2. ‘Preview’ does not mean that the blog is saved. click save and then preview. Some of you are smiling to your selves I know.

This version will be more succinct and to the point.

We are Transition Children. » Read more

Food Prices

Food prices

The rising price of food has so many complex factors contributing that it is hard to pin-point any main cause, but in reducing our Carbon Footprint we are also able to escape from most of those costly traps.

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Carbon Footprints

The first Opotiki Coast column was published on Thursday, and got great feedback! Yay!  This next article on Carbon Footprints may need some help, does it reach the target audience? Feedback gratefully recieved, before publication next Thurs. Cheers, Kazel

Carbon Footprints » Read more

Building Waiheke's community inventory

Our current focus

We need your community initiatives! Transition Waiheke is developing a community inventory of a wide range of Waiheke initiatives which strengthen our community. Having an inventory provides people with the opportunity to join initiatives and enables groups to network with others who have similar goals. The inventory may also reveal community resources which groups can draw on to support their work.

We would like to get your community initiative on the inventory. » Read more

Opotiki Coast Blog

I have been offered a column in our local paper, The Opotiki News.  This is the first of the weekly 500 word articles to begin being published on Thurs 3rd July.

Intro to Transition Towns and Peak Oil. » Read more

How can you get involved

We would like to ask anyone interested, to help us to move forward the process of making Waiheke a more sustainable community. » Read more

Roberto Perez visits Waiheke

March 8th

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Transition Waiheke gets the nod

Jan 20th

Awareness raising of Transition Waiheke at the Green's "Picnic for the Planet" at Surfdale on Jan 20th. In Jeannette Fitsimmons annual state of the planet address, Jeannette announced that “Waiheke has just become the first place in New Zealand to be formally named as a transition town with active programmes to reduce the community’s dependence on oil”.

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Where it all began

Dec 3rd

The first meeting was held with possible steering group members, to focus on Transition Island Waiheke. See the Inventory of resources and initiatives, which came out of it. » Read more

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