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Transition Palmerston North

It seems to me that Palmerston North would be a good transition town.


The city is flat, so it would be easy to get around with alternative transport. For example, me and my family make most use of getting around by bicycle when we can.


The city has access to furtile soil,  and there is a lot of land available for gardening, so we could have loads of community gardens. Also, many of the back yards that could contain gardens do not, so there is a lot of potential garden space both publicly and privately.

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Only The Good Oil News

re-posted from my blog - oilshockhorrorprobe

Radio New Zealand has broadcast a news item which typifies the pathological optimism of our media when reporting New Zealand's oil supply. » Read more

UK Transition Newsletter - inspiring reading for the long weekend

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Transition Network Newsletter - February 2012


This month we start off with more news about the 2.0 movie before our regular news round ups; a poetry competition, inner transition survey; a bumper edition of social reporting stories with thoughts on looking forward, plus skill share of building benders and making bread and more; 2012 Training dates and a great deal more to inspire.

Peak Oil's Economic Pain Is Trumps

Oil’s tipping point has passed, and the economic pain of a flattening supply will trump the environment as a reason to curb the use of fossil fuels, say James Murray and David King, in an article just published in the prestigious journal Nature. » Read more

2012 Great Waiheke plum Drive

A great time was had by all.

More photos here.

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Australian government tries to hide its own peak oil report

The Daily Telegraph has revealed how the Australian government has attempted to suppress its own report on peak oil. The response from the New Zealand government had been equally secretive and obfuscating. » Read more


This posting IS political!

Transition Town people are generally well-meaning and seem to have a similar view of others. Many New Zealanders are complacent.

I urge EVERYONE who values the freedom to grow their own food and share this with others and does not want to see this killed off by bureaucratic regulations TAKE ACTION to oppose this Bill - if it is not too late.

At the very least - sign the petition! » Read more

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Return to Aotearoa: Writer / Naturalist / Retreat Center Leader / Permaculture Landscape Designer seeks Nature Sanctuary

Kia ora!

It seems strange to write this as a blog, yet makes sense in many ways.

I am seeking a lovely, peaceful home sanctuary that I can housesit, caretake, manage or oversee for a family, a couple or an individual. I am a peaceful, gentle soul with abundant vitality for co-creating sacred sanctuary retreats, either as part of an eco-village, or transition town community. » Read more

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Will New Zealand be the first developed country to evolve a steady-state economy?

Absolutely great article about the possibilities for New Zealand.

As long as we can get the New Zealand politicians to read and understand these concepts.

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