Brooklyn Steering Group

Brooklyn has the following sub groups: Food & Gardening, Transport and Steering group

Brooklyn TT Steering Group Meeting

Steering Group Meeting Anyone interested in joining the Steering Group please come along

Location / Venue: 
Penthouse Cinema (front room) Brooklyn

Brooklyn TT Steering Group Meeting

Steering Group Meeting
Wednesday 27th May 2009
6pm - 7:30pm
Anyone interested in Joining the steering group please come along

Location / Venue: 
Penthouse Cinema (front room) Brooklyn, Wellington

Notes of Steering Group Meeting - Wed 6 May 2009

Brooklyn Steering Group Meeting


Barb, Belinda, Mike, Kelda (food group)

Noted that Dawn has now stepped down from the steering group as she has left the country and Tom has also stepped down due to pressure of other work. Their hard work has been invaluable in getting Brooklyn TT up and running. The steering group is now, however, a little on the light side and any volunteers would be most welcome.

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Steering Group Minutes 2009-02-29

Present—Belinda, Dawn, Tom; Apologies—Barbara, Mike; minutes—Tom

For Wed 18th Feb show Hawke’s Bay TT primer. Would be good for Food + Transport group members to attend as seems to be lack of knowledge. Dawn to organise Community Centre, Belinda website, [Tom Juanita for projector and DVD]

Idea about orchard from Marc—pass back to Gardening group

Submission on urban plan—[Tom now passed back to Carolyn]

Bokashi—lack of news as no Barbara. In hindsight this should have been handed to Food & Gardening group (but realise Christmas break got in the way) » Read more

Steering Group Meeting Minutes - 24 November 2008

Present - Barb, Belinda, Mike, Tom

Apologies - Dawn


1. Brooklyn Fayre Saturday 29 November

Staffing - Tom to draw up rota and e-mail round group

Belinda to contact Transport Group people and establish when they are available to run the survey

Cash Box Tom to bring box, Belinda to give Koha envelope to dawn to use as float. » Read more

Minutes from Steering Group meeting 2008-08-14

Present: Barbara, Belinda, Dawn, Tom; Absent: none, Apologies: none. Minutes: Tom

Position of Steering Group Members

Revisited notes from 1st meeting (2008-04): have completed most of goals and achieved a lot. Discussed our positions on Steering Group: » Read more

Notes from Ad Hoc Steering Group Meeting 2008-08-04

Discussed recruitment of new steering group members now Edwina is no longer on the steering group. Ideally we’d like to recruit 2 new members.

Tom to organise mailbox drop for 20th August meeting.

Group to meet next Thursday to discuss September public meeting. Meeting Saturday to hand out flyers to volunteers.

Preparation List for August Public Meeting

Pre Meeting:

  1. Check date against Residents’ Association
  2. Book room
  3. Datashow
  4. Need Tom's laptop?
  5. Posters
  6. Buy tea and biscuits - lots and crumbless!
  7. Who's MC
  8. Fixed display
  9. Notification List
  10. Print contact sheets (Tom)


  1. Tidy & vacuum
  2. Heater off
  3. Lock door

Post meeting:

  1. Process contact sheets (Tom)


Date Item Responsible Income Expenses Balance
2008-05-21 Opening balance 0.00
Koha SG 91.70 91.70
Room hire Dawn 25.00 66.70
Biscuits Marc 4.00 62.70

Notes from the ad hoc Steering Group Meeting - Wed 26th June

Notes from the ad hoc Steering Group Meeting - Wed 26th June

Present Barbara, Belinda and Edwina

1. Debrief from the public meeting of 18 June 2008

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