Brooklyn has the following sub groups: Food & Gardening, Transport and Steering group

Are We on a Road to Nowhere?

Transition Town Brooklyn invites you to an evening of film and lively debate on Brooklyn’s transport challenges.

Film: End of Suburbia (80 mins)

Time: July 16, 2008 at 7pm
Location: Brooklyn Community Centre
Street: 18 Harrision Street
City/Town: Brooklyn, Wellington
Contact Info: 04 970 1091 » Read more

Brooklyn Stay Warm & Save Dollars

Stay Warm & Save Dollars

An evening of informative, practical presentations and lively debate with;

• Joseph Mayhew (Renewable Energy Advisor - EECA) on local options for renewable energy.

• Sarah Free (Energy Advisor, Sustainability Trust) on ways we can save energy and reduce our power bills.

Date: Weds 20 August 2008 from 7.00 – 9.00pm

Venue: Brooklyn Community Centre, 18 Harrison Street

Refreshments Provided - Gold Coin Koha » Read more

Notes from meeting at Penthouse:

Post-Meeting Catchup

Present—Dawn, Tom; apologies—Barbara, Belinda; absent—Edwina; Minutes—Tom

After expenses we have $52.20 koha left (the first time we've had excess). Tom to note expenses from last meeting.

Feedback from Jayne who talked to the people around her at the meeting: most people came for the topic (which was permaculture). One person who knew about permaculture already didn't learn anything new from Andrew's talk but was inspired by the movie on Cuba. » Read more

Random notes from meeting at Penthouse:


We introduced ourselves to city councillor Iona Pannett

TT meeting about the upcoming public meeting on 23rd

Penthouse Manager

We met with Ian the manager of the Penthouse. Their rate for community groups is: » Read more


Thanks to our leaflet drop around Brooklyn—around 1,500 houses, and the topic of permaculture we attracted our best audience yet, around 60 people of all ages. Majority of people from Brooklyn but we had some from other areas too. 6 people registered through the website.

Steering group: present—Barbara, Belinda, Dawn, Tom; apologies—none; absent—Edwina; minutes—Tom. » Read more

Meeting 23 April 2008: Transition Towns

Notes: Tom

A small group. Barbara gave introductions and we watched An Intro to Transition Towns with Jo Duff, followed by an update from the steering group and group discussion.

Paul Bruce informed us of City Safari: » Read more

Transition Town Brooklyn – Notes of Meeting 19 March 2008

Present (full names & contact details will be posted on wiki): Marc, Alison, Eva, Karen, Chris, Tom, Belinda, Dawn, Barbara, Marie, Anne, Annie, Edwina, Gary, Paul Bruce, Paul Blaschke

The meeting agreed to focus on looking at ‘The 12 Key Steps of Transition’, which are from the UK model developed in Totnes, England. The Steps provide a framework to help groups be robust and gives them a process to follow. Most of the meeting then concentrated on steps 1 & 2. » Read more


Transition Town Brooklyn

Public meeting - 20 February 2008

Held at Brooklyn Community Centre, Harrison Road

In Attendance: Belinda Sharp, Dawn Baggaley, Marc Slade, Anita Kleezman, Marie Russell, Tom Robinson, Jennie McMurran, Barbara Gibb, Don Northcott, Juanita McKenzie » Read more

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