Getting started

This page will become a guide for how to get started using this web site.

Below is a short email conversation that I had today, which provides a good starting point.


Hi, I'm working with TT group in Raglan. We're wanting to start a blog, to share local info, pictures, video. This is the first time I've looked at this site, and it's great, and I see we've got a section in it. Fantastic! Question is-could our little section of this site allow the sort of things we wanted on a blog (video, pictures as well as text), or is that not possible? Links of course would be fine, but I'm wondering about this site as a one-stop for the content we had envisioned on a blog?



The web site is certainly capable of having images and video/youtube in it, and running a blog is possible too.

Every person can run their own blog, and you can also post local news which appears in the Raglan category. I have posted some news into my group's page, which is a good example. Creating "local news" is a good way to have a blog-like thing appearing in the Raglan page, but with multiple authors.

I have prepared several video tutorials which show how to do common tasks on the web site. Have a look at

After logging in, click on 'create content' (just below the upcoming events list on the right) and you will be shown all the kinds of things you can do on the web site.

Please let me know how you get on. We're still ironing out things with the web site, and figuring out what people need it to provide for them, so your feedback is really important.