Nelson TT coordinator being trained by Al Gore

 If you click on this, you'll see a nice article on Nelson TT coordinator, Trevor Houghton, who is currently being trained by Al Gore to increase effectiveness in climate change presentations. » Read more

Ministry of Environment doc on climate change

The Ministry for the Environment has published a document outlining the issues which are being considered in the setting of New Zealadn's 2020 target.

The Age of Stupid

The Nelson Environment Centre is holding an exclusive Australasian preview of the recently released film proving to be a runaway hit in Europe and the US – The Age of Stupid, a fictional  version of climate change set in 2055 » Read more

Sustained Momentum Gathering Meeting Minutes July 2009

Minutes  for TTM meeting 2009 July 8.     » Read more

Upcoming Sustained Momentum meeting

Dear TTM Folk,   1.Time for us to meet again - Wed July 8, 6.30pm, starting with tea and (perhaps) cookies. 

Climate Change Goals - Action Request

  Dear TTM People,   Sunny days are here again!

Activities Update


Dear TTM People,

As usual, there's lots going on. » Read more

Sustained Momentum Gathering Meeting Minutes 3-09

Transition Town Motueka

Meeting 2009 Mar 4, Family Services Centre. » Read more

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