Motueka Rivers, Streams and their Tributaries.

 As Transition folk we should all be aware of the importance of the health of our rivers and streams. Fresh clean water is vital to the wellbeing of humans and of all animal and plant life. » Read more

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Navigating the Future

Written by Ray Songtree and published on EnergyBulletin. Ties in with my video presentation

... From the oil decline projections outlined above, we see tourism contracting severely and permanently. Although right now tourism is doing okay, the unemployment crisis will soon be a world wide front page topic. We are calling a heads up reality check for all tourist-based businesses here in Motueka and throughout the region. We will see discretionary spending dry up, and a domino effect as we all tighten our belts and spend less. All retail businesses except those supplying basic necessities will be affected. » Read more

TTM Report to the Motueka Community Board

Report to Community Board from Transition Town Motueka » Read more

TTM Update - moving along!


Dear TTM Folk,

Lots of movement in Transition Town Motueka. Welcome to several new members of the list. » Read more

Minutes of TTM meeting, 2008 Nov 6, Family Service Centre, Motueka.

Present: James Monahan, Richard Middleton, Phil Lister, Jack Santa Barbara, Cheryl Lasseau,  Lee Owens, Stephanie Walls,Tara Forde, Ron Sharpe, F » Read more

Climate Change and Peak Oil for New Zealanders book available

Transitioning: Climate Change and Peak Oil for New Zealanders is a book by Sean Millar and Adrienne Puckey that was published just this year. The title says it all. Several print copies have been kindly donated to our community and are being distributed to libraries and other places that people read. It is free and, as stated on the cover, intended to be mobile. Pass it on after reading it. It is also available online in PDF format at the website - » Read more

Sustained Momentum Gathering Meeting

The next TT Motueka Sustained Momentum Gathering Meeting is on Thursday, 6 November at 6:30pm at the Family Services Agency, 27 Talbot Street, Motueka. At htis meeting we will firm up plans for the public meeting with Christoph Hensch on Friday 14 Nov., and the workshop the following day.  We will begin to share the visions of each working group for Motueka in 2020. To my knowledge, there are drafts from Food, Education - Children, Education - General, Biocapacity, and Energy.  See you there!

Roadside Spraying Relief

Are you aware of roadside spraying outside your property?? It happens in Motueka town, too.  The TDC has application forms available to fill in if you want to look after your boundary yourself - the fewer chemicals the better.  The more people who fill in applications, the more they may think about what they are doing. In Linden Place, there are at least 6 residents with "no spray" status now.

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