Automatic Earth has released 80 min presentation

On the right is a banner where you can buy a password to view Nicole Stonleigh's presentation.  It costs $12.50 US ($16.30NZ) and for that you can view it unlimited times, but you can't download it.

You probably can, however, give your password to someone else. » Read more

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NZ parliament report on Peak Oil just released

This is a pleasent surprise: someone at parliament (other than the Greens) 'gets it' about peak oil.

Parliament has just released a report that concludes, among other things: » Read more

September round up of what's happening in Transition

It’s October already, so it’s time to share September’s Transition activities from across the world...

NZ features, along with most other countries in the world. Reading this gives one a sense of the scale and growth of the Transition Towns movement - this is just one months news!

Read on...

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New research shows 7 out of 10 Kiwis want NZ Govt to prepare for Peak Oil

WWF NZ has commissioned a couple of opinion polls on the government's response (or
lack of it) to projected oil price increases. Here are the press releases they issued about the results. Both are well worth checking out. » Read more

Strong Sustainability for New Zealand

In September 2009, a paper entitled Strong Sustainability for New Zealand:
Principles and Scenarios, was published in book format by Sustainable
Aotearoa New Zealand with the support of the New Zealand National
Commission for UNESCO and the Tindall Foundation.

The paper was written as a result of a New Zealand think tank that brought
together leading experts in many fields of science and other disciplines.
It has been independently reviewed by academics in New Zealand, UK and
Canada prior to publication. » Read more

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Peak oil alarm revealed by secret official talks

The Guardian says, among other things:

Behind government dismissals of 'alarmist' fears there is growing concern over critical future energy supplies.

Speculation that government ministers are far more concerned about a future supply crunch than they have admitted has been fuelled by the revelation that they are canvassing views from industry and the scientific community about "peak oil" » Read more

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Farmers hold the solution in the soil.

Tim Flannery to be guest speaker at Soil Carbon Conference, Te Papa, Wellington - Farmers have the solution in their soils to solve carbon emission issues Eminent scientist and conservationist Professor Tim Flannery, Australian of the Year (2007) and author of best selling book The Weather Makers, will be the keynote speaker at the second annual Soil Carbon Conference at Te Papa, Wellington on 15-17 September. Flannery is well known as a champion of biological soil management as a means of successfully sequestering carbon. » Read more

Southerners march against mining, saying "Ours - not mines!"


400 people from throughout the South marched through Invercargill on a cold but beautiful winter day on Saturday, 26 June, opposing the Government’s plans to allow mining in some of New Zealand’s most valuable conservation land.

The march was organised to show the Government that people in the South, traditionally seen as supportive of National Party, strongly opposed the Government’s proposal to mine some of the country’s most precious public land, said Dave Kennedy, spokesperson for the march. » Read more

Climate Camp Aoteroa location announced!!

Climate Camp Aotearoa Newsletter


The first Climate Camp in Aotearoa is going to take place at...

Moonshine park, Upper Hutt!

So get your camping gear together and get ready for a week of goodness...

Education, sustainable living, direct action and great people

The site is perfect, close to public transport, trees for shelter and shade, visible from the motorway and within half an hour of the city. » Read more

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