Boom in backyard veges as food prices increase - TV3

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Genetic Engineering rears its ugly head

AgResearch, a Government research institute, has applied to 'field test' GE organisms with "a range of genetic modifications and maintain these organisms in containment for research, breeding and for the production of products with potential commercial applications". » Read more

Is Peak Oil a myth

The Oil prices gadget on the sidebar (scroll down) puts the price at $68 a barrel as I post this.

I thought this post from Rob Hopkins would help when you have to explain to people that dropping oil prices don’t necessarily mean that Peak Oil is a myth. Rather Rob puts them into a bigger context and does it very well. Rob, I hope you don’t mind me quoting your post in its entirety, it’s just that the snake theme carried through rather well right to the clanger at the end.
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Engineers are warning politicians ...New Zealand headed for sustained job losses

Engineers warn of imminent oil shock

4:00AM Tuesday Oct 21, 2008
By Mathew Dearnaley

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The problem is the solution

A conversation recently with Richard, Bryan and Pete led to the idea that the water quality problem in the Waikato (and it's true elsewhere in NZ), could lead to a creative solution. It was reported that the water in the rivers and streams in the Waikato is so polluted that it is now "dangerous for even stock to drink". Setting aside for a moment the somewhat odd idea that stock (or animals other than humans) are somehow less valuable or can process poisons more effectively than us and were able to drink polluted water before but shouldn't anymore, what's happening here? » Read more

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Dr Cullen on peak oil

"Today we have to come to terms with a new set of circumstances – the emerging reality of Peak Oil and the impact rising fuel prices have on our economy."

Well well. Finally. Just before he loses his job (election coming!!), and when he can do nothing about peak oil.

Transition Movie in the making

The Transition Movie Needs You!

The Transition Movie: A Call For Creative People!

In the spirit of collaborative working that sits at the heart of the Transition movement, we are planning “The Transition Movie” as a 50 minute broadcast-quality documentary which reflects the movement itself. We are inviting people involved in Transition Initiatives to share their successes, failures and extraordinary events and breakthroughs through the medium of film, in other words we need you. » Read more

Climate Change and Peak Oil for New Zealanders - a booklet

There is a booklet now available on the resources page of the TT site under the title:

Sean and Adrienne put this 30 page booklet together and were at the Engineers for Social Responsibility and Sustainable Energy Forum Conference a couple of weeks ago, giving them away. Their intention is clear from the statement on the front cover: "Copying Permitted"

Here are some opening words from the Foreword:

This work is born out of an increasing concern for the future of our families, our country, and our world. At a detailed level, the subject-matter is complex and interconnected, and knowledge of the issues is evolving rapidly. However, at a big picture level, the basic facts are simple and stable. If we carry on with our present levels of fossil fuel use, the number of people the planet is able to support, will be significantly reduced.

It is a brutal message, and one that we, ourselves, are struggling to come to terms with. The contrast with the widely-accepted ethos of ever-rising living standards could hardly be more stark. Born in New Zealand in 1946 and 1948, we are from the baby boom generation, and have enjoyed post-war prosperity, cheap education, and plentiful employment...

Lewes Pound launches 9th September!

Starts with an interview with Rob Hopkins, then the local Mayor at the launch of the Lewes Pound. They filled the hall and made it clear - this is a new moment in our history together. Want some inspiration? Click play...

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US in a mess. Setting the oil Price.

From Dan Denning in Colorado:

--While the financial empire burns, OPEC decides whether or not it's going to cut production today. Lower energy prices are about the only good news to come out of falling commodity and stock prices. But OPEC producers like Venezuela and Iran want the world's big oil cartel to cut production and put a floor under prices. » Read more

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