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Mortgage meltdown

People lose their houses when the special low interest rate they were paying gets reset to the real rate. The scam that's been running in the US lately is that people would would hope to on-sell the houses before the rate reset, and reap the capital gains. It all goes to custard when they can't on-sell (for more than they paid), as is happening now. They're left paying a mortgage that they used to be able to afford, but when the rate resets they cannot. » Read more

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Opec earnings reach US$1.251 trillion

Opec's earnings from oil exports are expected to reach a record US$1.251 trillion ($NZ1.68 trillion) this year, about US$73 billion more than previously estimated, the US government's top energy forecasting agency said on Tuesday. » Read more

Paragraphs wanted for Aust/NZ insert into The Transition Handbook

I had a chat with Rob Hopkins last night, and he was seeking some input for a 16 page insert into an Australian edition of The Transition Handbook. This insert will also be made available so that those who have purchased the book recently can get it. » Read more

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Transition Towns on National radio

Here's a link to a Radio NZ broadcast today.

Starts off with a lot of stories about people who were struggling before that are finding it even harder now, then moves on to interview some Transition Towns folks. The TT references begin at around 2/3 into this, and the lead in sets the tone well for why it is being embraced with such energy and urgency. Ken Ross speaks very well for the Transition model. Well worth a listen! » Read more

The girl who silenced the world


A 13 year old tells it the way she sees it - to the United Nations

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Peak oil on mainstream US news

Kunstler on CBC talking the long emergency, suburbia, and life without cheap oil…(8 mins)

Kunstler in fine form

TT gets a mention in parliament

About half way through Nandor's speech. Watch it at

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