Earth Kids

Calling all Earth Kids

To come learn, share, cocreate, prepare, build, plant, maintain, compost, harvest, perserve, eat, play, sing, dance and laugh alot.

At Swanson Sanctuary we are dedicating every second Thursday after school to all those children who want to join in ” Earth Kids”. A space for our children to gather together in a natural enviroment in community.

Next “Earth Kids” gathering is 23 October from 3.30pm.

Bring an old set of clothes and gumboots or similar, something to share for afternoon tea, water bottle and a warm sweat or jeresy.

This is a gift to our children and flows in love and service – no money required and parents/caregivers can come and chill out in a space set up to do exactly that.

More information, please contact SS 09 8322759 or Daring Donna 0274 798811

Any ages welcome – there is something for everyone.

Feel free to circulate this message around whanau groups, schools, pre school, home schoolers…..

We have some flyers if you would like.

Big love Swanson Sanctuary

Location / Venue: 
Swanson Sanctuary

Welcome Donna

Go Donna - how lovely to see a post from you my dear friend and companion on the path! And seeing the Swanson Sanctuary on Transition Towns dot org dot nz is a delight!