We want to start a Transition Town initiative

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James Samuel
Joined: 27 Jun 2008
We want to start a Transition Town initiative

Please add a comment below, if you are wanting to add your town to the list of Transition initiatives in New Zealand.

Be sure to read the "Starting your own TT" and the 12 steps, and it will be most helpful if you have a group of people who have begun to meet to lead your Transition initiative.

If you have questions about the "Official" status, please read the criteria and follow the links from there to the forum where some discussion has been had.

Joined: 13 Aug 2009
New Plymouth Transition Towns

There's no active TT group in New Plymouth at the moment, which I'm planning to revive, but we do have an email group. I think its important to have a New Plymouth contact on the map, and I'm happy to be listed.

Sharon M Stevens
Joined: 11 Apr 2009
Ashhurst and Pohangina Valley group

Hi James,

We would like to add Ashhurst and the Pohangina Valley as a Transition Town group with web site http://recap.org.nz. Contact is info@recap.org.nz. I've asked before without response and just let it go, but just today I've had a round-about contact from someone trying to locate a group in the general area who I believe had looked here first so I thought I'd try again to list us.

By the way, we have already met most of the criteria for official status. The exception is #8. It may remain an exception for us unless someone happens along with that passion. #13 would always have to be on a case by case basis. Which adds up to saying that our first commitments are to our local community and while we have constitutional flexibility to cooperate broadly (and have traveled to other groups to do so), we don't have a constitutional mandate that takes us beyond our local area. Also, this isn't listed as a requirement in the criteria, but it's worth mentioning that we also don't have the words "Transition Town" in our constitution as the label isn't very important to anyone involved. Still, it's what we're doing, what we designed our constitution around, and we do use the term in some of our local publications.

It would be nice to meet you sometime if you are ever traveling southwards. I know Laurence Boomert is keen to have a meet-up at the Turangi permaculture thing in April, which RECAP will probably have a representative at. Will you be there? My husband enjoyed your conversation at the LE AGM a couple of years ago. We have not yet gotten our currency off the ground. My initial hopes have failed, or I have failed them, I'm ashamed to say. But we have a lot in place for the currency, a growing number of people with various forms of involvement and commitment, and we are watching and waiting for opportunities.



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