Minutes from October 2008 meeting

Transition Point Chevalier


Minutes 15 October 2008


Chair Ruth

Minute Taker Anne


Present; Ruth Keith Sarah, Ins, Finn, Marina Deryn, Francisco, Viviana Anne Yolanda Guido Joe.


Apologies; Niki, Lea, Jeanie Cecil, Catherine, Jeff, Walter.


Agenda Items


Market Place

Mission Statement

Eco Show


  • l Library
  • l Garden
  • l Cycle
  • l Waterways



Market Place.

  • l There was a table full of lovely garden fresh herbs to share. Useful buckets and seed trays.
  • l The first chicken run was successful with deliveries of frozen chicken arriving last Tuesday. All good except there is comment about the packaging.
  • l Ruth is keen to organise an eco store bulk buy. She is going to consider the logistics of such an exercise. Watch this space.
  • l Deryn is keen to bulk order items such as toilet paper through the local organic store.


Mission Statement

the work done at the last meeting was displayed. Finn has summarized the ideas into a draft mission statement based on the values and actions expressed. A copy of these is <here>. It will be discussed again at the next meeting after eveyone has had time to reflect on it.


Quick report on the 4th Eco show in Taupo from Finn

A gathering of the sustainability tribe!  Lots of information sharing and fellowship. Only a year ago  at the third eco show  there weren't any transition towns in NZ, now there are 75. At this years show there were lots of workshops on things such as transition towns, local currencies, heart politics and more.  Obviously a lot of people are working very hard in their communities. A reminder it doesn't come for free. People such as James Samuels need income as do the hosts of the eco show. People are worried about which bank to put their savings in, why not invest in the future they want e.g. invest in people such as James Samuels.


Library Group - Yolanda

The group has been very active. Working with Point Chevalier library they are organising a display of books on sustainability. Around 80 books are being sourced for the display. It will open on the 15 November at 1pm with Niki and maybe another local author speaking about their books.

Finn offered to help with a media kit.

Everyone is urged to come and support this project.


Waterways - Ruth

Ruth is resigning from this role. Communications is more than enough!

Viviana expressed interest in partially taking over this role. Finn to coordinate a meeting of others who are also interested.


Communications - Ruth

There have been lots of emails and plenty of good energy.


Cycle Group - Sarah

Sarah is planning to organise an adventure cycle track at Pasadena School. She has the support of the school and has walked over the proposed site with a company who build such tracks. Currently she is talking with a prospective project manager and she will ask for help when she knows what is required. The estimated budget is 30 - 70K.


Gardening Group - Keith

The group is meeting in the weekend at Anne's place, 12 Alberta Street 4pm. Keith attended a meeting where Auckland city council representatives talked about street trees. There is no by-law against fruit trees being planted, but the council will not take responsibility if they are damaged by contractors etc.  This opens the way for a possible community action!

Finn announced that unitec is going to close its horticulture department, but keep the permaculture garden going somehow. Maybe this is an opportunity for a community garden initiative. There will be a public hui to discuss the gardens future.

The  councils funding conduit for things like community gardens, is via the community board.



We should have an event for ourselves. It was suggested that we have a bbq or some kind of fun celebration, maybe to tie in with the book display opening, just to have fun for ourselves. There were lots of ideas but none gained strong traction.


Good resources

  • l Keith talked about a book 'Cradle to cradle'. Its about using resources as nature does. For example the book itself is written on plastic pages with ink that can be washed off. Both the ink and the plastic pages can be reused as they are. They don't need lots of energy to be recycled and they are not on some downward spiral to landfill. Try this link.
  • l Anne has a DVD 'money as debt' and is willing to lend it. It explains how credit and debt are linked and seems very timely given the current credit crunch. Alternatively if you have broadband its on the web. Try this link
  • l Finn has a book on alcohol production - for cars that is! I found this quote on the web

'David Blume's book Alcohol Can Be A Gas sold over 600,000 copies last month in the US.'


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