Transition Ranui Swanson potluck and meeting

Transition Ranui-Swanson will be gathering at Earthsong Common House for a potluck dinner at 7PM, followed by a meeting. I suggest we assess where we are at at present, both the Waitakere group and the TRS group re membership and awareness-raising, and that we talk about further awareness-raising events and start brainstorming possible projects that could present visible practical manifestations of our Transition area. Some ideas are to try creating some of our own sustainable locally grown ethanol or creating a “permaculture” label for locally grown foods.  Come join in the dinner and bring your creativity.

Please Park in available spaces to the left of the common house, or, if none are left, on the street or feel free to walk/bicycle and then you don’t need parking!

Location / Venue: 
Earthsong Common House, 457 Swanson Road, Ranui