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Opotiki Marketplace

Proposed Site:

The carpark area of the Blue Shed, next to Oceans Seafoods on Church St.

Here are the proposed rules/guidelines that will go up on the sign that the Council has agreed to fund.  These have been worked on by a small group and are ready for discussion and feedback.

"It is understood that the stallholders/vendors will enter into the spirit of

the Opotiki Marketplace and observe the rules and guidelines of the market

in good faith.

1.    This Marketplace is provided for the people of the Opotiki District.

2.    Vendors must reside or pay rates in the Opotiki District.

3.    Vendors must comply with relevant bylaws of Opotiki District Council

4.    Any produce or craft sold must be produced locally.

5.    Second-hand goods must be from within the Opotiki District.

6.    All rubbish must be removed daily by vendors

7.    Stalls shall be occupied on a “first come” basis

8.    Consideration must be given to other vendors, retailers and residents.

9.    Special Events may be held from time to time on the site and these may

have other regulations.

Thanks to:

ODC, Transition Towns, xxx Trust."


One date that is being proposed for the launch is Friday 9th Jan at 4pm.  Both Waiotahe and Ohope markets will run on Saturdays during January, so either a Friday or a Sunday would be suitable.

Your feedback and suggestions are essential to get this community market launched.

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James Samuel
Joined: 27 Jun 2008

This is so good to see :)

It seem that this sort of initiative is popping up all over the place. It is probably a natural expression of people's desire to go local and bring it back home. Here is the Ooooby Store concept that a number of us met and discussed yesterday afternoon. We gathered at the barn pictured and came up with a list of posible income earning enterprises that could support the rent on this barn.

Think Local - Act Neighbourly

Sue Poole
Joined: 17 Nov 2008

What a great accomplishment for our town...well done guys, I cant wait as a marketeer myself in the past, its a blessing to know that we will have a site established in our local town.

Again, well done! Look forward to partaking in the New Year



Sue Poole




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Revised 'rules'


I've reworded the rules to simplify. 


Opotiki Community Marketplace

A Transition Town initiative for local crafts and produce.

1.    Free for Opotiki residents or rate-payers.

2.    Sellers must comply with relevant bylaws of Opotiki District Council

4.    Crafts, produce, and second-hand goods to be from within the Opotiki District. 

5.    Sellers are responsible for removing all rubbish before leaving.

6.    No pre-booking sites.

7.    Be considerate of others in the community and marketplace.

8.    Special Events held on the site will have precedence over regular market stalls.

Thanks to:

"ODC,  xxx Trust, signwriter etc..."




Joined: 29 Jun 2008
Revised again

Opotiki Community Marketplace

“A Transition Town initiative for local crafts and produce”

Market Space Free for Opotiki residents or rate-payers.

Open 7 days             

All Sale Goods – Crafts, produce and second hand goods to be from within the Opotiki District.

ODC rules and Regulations – Stallholders to comply, eg. Food Safety, Health Regulations.

Recycling and Rubbish – Sellers are responsible for removal

Advertised Special Events may be subject to special rules.

Enquiries contact Opotiki Info Centre 07 315


Supported by:

Opotiki District Council

Transition Town Opotiki Coast

Ngaitai Iwi Authority Trust

Whakaatu Whanaunga Trust

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