Motueka Local Currency Creation Meeting

Hi Everyone,                 I have booked Motueka Community House meeting room for us to get-together at 12.30pm, after the Sunday Market on 30 November.                     Please bring your Currency Design Matrix sheets,  Christoph Hensch handed out last week.                Lynda and I will give you a brief overview of how MOSS/TALENTS worked and its failures to start.                We don't want to rush into a fawlty system, so we can work through the Matrix towards a sustainable design. we could also decide whether we want to revive  MOSS/TALENTS in the meantime.              It would help to receive apologies, if the time doesn't suit, to decide whether to go ahead or not.  Good luck.      Ron Sharp NOTE: The Design Matrix is a three page table that lays out the choices available for different aspects of community currencies; for example, the standard of value could be tied to national currency, an hour of time, a mile of distance, etc.  It also has comments on each option. It was compiled to help communities create their local currencies. There will be copies available for those who do not have them.