Free Unique Natural – FUN: A new understanding of learning

by Birgit Baader





Ideally, there is a “base camp” where intellectual knowledge/information is shared, and group activities can take place. In addition, there could be several other venues/locations where courses are held: private & public places, “in the wild”, sport fields, businesses,…

In my view, “education/learning” should be integrated into real life/provide real life experiences rather than be limited to a school building and just offering theoretical knowledge. Gaining more practical experiences and life skills on many levels (mental – spiritual – physical) and with an holistic approach is one of the main objectives. Experiences and information should relate to our present life situation on planet earth, to the NOW and to WHO I AM.

The current system with terms, assessments, standards, etc. is no longer appropriate because it is not flexible enough and does not allow the individual to choose options according to her/his needs. Therefore, the framework might have to be changed into an open system. There could be some “minimum achievement requirements” in some areas – which means e.g. that all students are encouraged to learn how to read/write when the window for these abilities is open –, while allowing an “open development” in other fields so that each personality/soul can explore and express itself in its own rhythm and form.


Adult companions


  • responsible personalities with love and patience, empathy, compassion for the learning/growing/healing spirits → life experience


  • able to wait for question marks within the “students”, open to observe what IS


  • communication skills: ec/nvc, democratic principles


  • supervision/assistance, emotional & spiritual guidance


  • “real life experts”: scientists, performers, artists, TV moderators, actors, gardeners, orchardists, healer, shamans, seminar leaders, authors, cooks, builders… → ANYBODY WHO CAN SHARE SKILLS & INFORMATION ABOUT SOMETHING HE OR SHE LOVES AND HAS EXPLORED IN DEPTH


possible curriculum modules & courses


  1. for all topics is true: the needs and requirements of the «learner» come first and there is no set structure within the various fields of learning – follow the flow and what there IS!
  2. General conventional subjects such as English, social sciences, technology, etc. are already covered by/integrated into other subjects.
  3. Subjects such as maths, foreign languages, drama, geography, etc. are presented in a more lively, playful, inspiring, attractive way with a real life perspective!!!
  4. History: some “history”/ the past is already included in other subjects – focus is here on the sharing of old knowledge and wisdom of different cultures and the evaluation on how the past relates to the present…




psychology                  via role play, films, seminars, discussions, … → lively, direct experiences


  • female/male
  • partnership/relationship
  • theories
  • self-awareness: self-care, self-command, self-responsibility, self-teaching
  • past lives/origin family/behavioural patterns, …
  • group dynamics

and more


spirituality                   via direct experience, sharing of knowledge/wisdom/techniques/traditions


  • “tools” for spiritual development: tracking/holographic imaging/meditation/yoga/ mantra singing/medicine wheels …
  • intuition “training”, extrasensory communication/observation skills, connecting to Higher Self & Zero-point-field
  • spiritual pathways/concepts in different cultures (astrology, native American, Indian, Sufi, Buddhism, …) to enable “students” to choose their own way according to the principles of resonance and attraction
  • spiritual aspects of “everyday life”: birth/growing up/puberty/sexuality/relationships/death…
  • transition rituals
  • soul awareness


sustainable living        practical & project oriented


  • global warming
  • ecology
  • eco-building
  • conservation
  • permaculture
  • alternative energies
  • tree planting


health/healing playshops & excursions


  • nutrition (→ vegan)
  • healing energies: homoepathy/healing plants/self-healing forces/meridians/charkas…
  • movement (also see physical activities)
  • connection: mind – body – soul, balancing techniques, …


“innerspecies” communication


  • emphatic communication (ec) = nvc
  • principles of democratic education
  • role plays: relationships, aggressions/emotions, expression of needs, …


interspecies communication


  • communication with other species: plant kingdom/animal kingdom/mineral kingdom/devas/…
  • raising awareness and fostering the ability to view/feel the world from the perspective of another species → empathy/respect/feeling of “oneness”, interconnectedness


“nature skills”


  • survival skills in Nature: how to survive without the facilities/infrastructure of “modern societies”/ read the wind, the waves, the fire, the stones – all things around us and within…
  • navigation by land and by sea
  • building without supplied materials/with natural materials
  • emergency coping skills: what to do in case of an earthquake/flood/tsunami/epidemy/…
  • nutrition: cooking/planting/gardening/seed collection/…
  • healing: preparing crèmes/remedies/teas/…


physical activities


  • already existing in conventional educational systems: so called outdoor education (climbing/kayaking/swimming…) → important is here the connection with resp. integration into Nature! (e.g. skiing → harmful for environment in many cases)
  • group games/ball games (see above)
  • martial arts: aikido/taekwon-do/capoeira…
  • yoga/gi gong/tai-chi…
  • dance: hiphop/jazz/salsa/break dance/flamenco/folk/belly dance/ritual dance…
  • “extras”: river walking/horse riding (not conventional, but e.g. thought riding →  good for interspecies communication development)/ocean swimming with seals, dolphins, whales…


art (in a broader sense)


  • traditional approach (sculpture, carving, drawing, film, writing, weaving…)
  • interactive art projects
  • multimedia art projects with professional media partners
  • projects in cooperation with artists/performers
  • practical experiences: e.g. illustrating a book WHICH WILL BE PUBLISHED/cooperation with book publisher → concept: artwork/publishing/distribution/marketing
  • art/film – as a medium to raise awareness/express oneself/…




  • traditional approach (different instruments, music history, composition…)
  • instrument making
  • interspecies music
  • recording & sound engineering → creating/producing own CD/DVDs
  • sound design
  • ethno/world music: ethnic instruments (shakuhachi, sitar, berimbao, djembe, didgeridoo, xaphoon, …)/different philosophies/harmonies,…
  • singing: mantras/breathing techniques/ritual chants/overtone singing,…




  • space to play around with theories/thoughts/ideas
  • open exchange: within groups of “students” and with “external factors” (people and other)
  • evaluation of different existing worldviews/philosophies…


new sciences


  • sciences with a holistic approach (e.g. psychoneuroimmunology) → share knowledge/latest research insights
  • participation in research studies/programs
  • own projects of “students”
  • open exchange with “experts”


vision quest


  • course to connect with one’s visions/purpose in life


addictive behavioural patterns


  • background (family patterns, emotional, spiritual,…)
  • tools to heal and release (EMF, releasing,…)







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