Alcohol as a fuel

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Alcohol as a fuel

Today a demonstration was held at the Tivoli bookshop on Waiheke, on the distilling of alcohol for fuel - the finished product was used to run a small "alcohol' power (previously petrol powered) generator.

The various steps in the process were demonstrated by Gian ( ) and fully explained.

In addition Gian explained and demonstrated his process for electrolysis of water to provide gar to enhance the performance of his car - the demo ended with a BANG - the gas filled bottle cleared the roof !

Many thanks to all those who helped in this interesting afternoon.


James Samuel
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Smiles on faces

The abundant smiles on faces was worth the event itself! People could see there are alternatives to the existing centralised model of energy distribution, and that making your own is within the realms of possibility! A $500 still and a minor tweak of the engine and voila - alcohol can be a gas.

Here is a video clip of Gian talking about the simple distillation equipment and then showing the engine running on the fuel.

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Hi and thanks for the post. regarding electrolysis, I proved the concept to myself about 3 yrs ago, and ran a series 3 landrover with hydroxy gas as a suplemental fuel achieving considerable savings (down to 10 litres per 100 kms, as oppoesed to the previous standard of 15 litres per 100kms)

I'm currently working on an ethanol production experiment, so your link will prove invaluable!!

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