Meeting the criteria

  1. We have an understanding of peak oil and climate change as twin drivers and are writing them into our Governance document.
  2. We have formed a steering group of 8 people, 4 from Wellington and 4 from Lower Hutt and had our first steering group meeting.
  3. We are willing to attend a 2 day training course. Just not in Totnes obviously, so we are waiting on NZ training to be sorted out which we understand is coming along.
  4. We have a strong connection to Wellington City Council as a member of the local council is in the steering group.
  5. We have all read and have a baisc understanding of the 12 steps, we have discussed and taking action on the first 3.
  6. We are not afraid to ask for help! We have emailed or called others in the TT movement when we need help and intend to keep this up. One idea we are considering is trying to develop a "sister city" relationship with a more well established TT in the UK to that end.
  7. We have space on the Transition Towns of New Zealand Aotearoa wiki which we do update regularly.
  8. We are keen to make periodic contributions to the Transition Towns blog.
  9. We are also keen to give at least two presentations to other communities (in the vicinity) that are considering embarking on this journey, once we're into the Transition.
  10. We are networking with other TTs and are commited to continuing to do so. Members of the steering group who are traveling in the coming months have organised to meet with others in Transition initiatives in the towns they will be visiting.
  11. We are commited to working cooperatively with neighbouring TTs. We will be sharing a stall with Transition Towns of Kapiti at the upcoming Organic River Festival in Levin.
  12. We believe we have minimal conflicts of interests in the core team and will keep an eye on this.
  13. We are commited to work with whatever in New Zealand ends up acting as the Transition Network re grant applications for funding from national grant giving bodies.
  14. We are commited to strive for inclusivity across the entire initiative - we agreed that we need to make sure we reach out to all groups in our local communities. This may involve considering how we communicate, where and when we hold meetings etc.
  15. We recognise that we need to start with local communities. The Transition Towns of Wellington initiative is intended to be an initiating hub to lend support to any suburb or community in Wellington that is interested in Transtion Towns. This arose because we had 20 people turn up to our first meeting but mainly all from different suburbs. Yet everyone felt that it was of huge benefit to meet as a group and share resources, enthusiasm, and share the load. And that in the hopefully not too distant future, we will have enough momentum via suburbs in Transition, that we can become Transition Town Wellington and Transition Town Lower Hutt.
  16. We have 3 members of the steering group planning to start Permaculture Design courses early in 2008.