Technological solutions for global warming

I believe I've found a way to immediately cool the Earth cheaply and simply, profitably turn CO2 from coal-fired plants into fuel, de-acidify the ocean with a practical mechancial method, and produce cheap, clean, abundant  power portably:

"The Panel (on Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming) calculated that adding stratospheric aerosol dust to the stratosphere would cost just pennies per ton of CO2 mitigated."  --"The Incredible Economics of Geoengineering"

"Still as ambitious as ever, (Craig Venter) just announced at the TED conference: "We have modest goals of replacing the whole petrochemical industry and becoming a major source of energy, we think we will have fourth-generation fuels in about 18 months, with CO2 as the fuel stock." What’s this fourth-generation fuel he’s talking about? Biofuel alternatives to oil are third-generation. The next step is life forms that feed on CO2 and give off fuel such as methane gas as waste, according to Venter."  --"Geneticist Craig Venter Wants to Create Fuel from CO2,"

"Researchers at Harvard University and Pennsylvania State University have invented a technology, inspired by nature, to reduce the accumulation of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) caused by human emissions.  By electrochemically removing hydrochloric acid from the ocean and then neutralizing the acid by reaction with silicate (volcanic) rocks, the researchers say they can accelerate natural chemical weathering, permanently transferring CO2 from the atmosphere to the ocean. Unlike other ocean sequestration processes, the new technology does not further acidify the ocean and may be beneficial to coral reefs. The innovative approach to tackling climate change is reported in the Nov. 7 issue of the journal Environmental Science and Technology..." --"Engineered weathering process could mitigate global warming," EurekAlert, 7 Nov '07

"I would like to announce the arrival of a clean, cheap, abundant, and portable form of energy production that will make burning fossil fuel obsolete. The German physicist Heinrich Freidrich Lenz stated in 1833 the direction of an electromagnetically-induced current (generated by moving a magnet near a wire or by moving a wire in a magnetic field) will be such as to oppose the motion producing it. Today, most of our electricity is produced by "electromagnetic induction," where a magnet is moved in and out of a coil of wire in a closed circuit. In other words, we now have to power the motion of either the magnet or the wire to produce electricity. Instead, wind a solenoidal coil around a magnet, and apply electricity. The magnetic field is amplified, and the magnetic gradient can be exploited to yield more electricity than was used powering the solenoidal coil. In other words, we avoid having to power the motion of either the magnet or the wire, and can instead have a solid state power generator. It has been reported that previous attempts to commercially exploit this simple principle failed. Not because such solid state power generators failed to produce a net gain in electricity production, but because the source of the net gain in electricity couldn't be explained. A private California company called Magnetic Power Inc ( ) exceeded breakeven (i.e. produced more electricity than it used) with a prototype in late 2004. I strongly suggest you listen to the first 15 minutes of the radio interview with Chairman Goldes posted on the MPI website. Soon burning fossil fuel for energy will be obsolete, and replaced with a clean, cheap, abundant, and portable form of energy production." --Brad Arnold, Sept '08

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Perpetual motion machines do not work

Dear Doberman MacLeod!
The magnetic power people seem to have molded into

Sorry to tell you but all attempts to make something from nothing have failed and must fail. There is no free lunch in matters of energy, no matter how fruitloopery the print on package is......


If there was a 'free lunch'

If there was a 'free lunch' then some clever bacteria would have evolved to exploit it and the world would be miles deep in them as they would reproduce endlessly