I wish somebody would evaluate this silver bullet energy production technology

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I wish somebody would evaluate this silver bullet energy production technology

I sure wish somebody would evaluate this silver bullet energy production technology:

Today, most of our electricity is produced by "electromagnetic induction," where a magnet is moved in and out of a coil of wire in a closed circuit.

In other words, we now have to power the motion of either the magnet or the wire to produce electricity.

Instead, wind a solenoidal coil around a magnet, and apply electricity.  The magnetic field is amplified, and the magnetic gradient can be exploited to yield more electricity than was used powering the solenoidal coil.

In other words, we avoid having to power the motion of either the magnet or the wire, and can instead have a solid state power generator.

A private California company called Magnetic Power Inc ( www.magneticpowerinc.com ) exceeded breakeven (i.e. produced more electricity than it used) with a prototype in late 2004.

By the way, I am very much aware of how crazy the above sounds, but I have good reasons for thinking that it is legimate.  Here is a link to a video (with a partial transcript) that is very very interesting:


"In association with Magnetic Power Inc. I'm on the web talking about this. Please don't try to get me involved in your own crackpot project - one is enough. Basically, I believe it would be possible to get what looks like free energy (but which may not in fact be free) from static magnetic fields. At best, it could be revolutionary, at worst I'll have another story to tell at my own expense. I've looked at the technological approach and couldn't knock any holes in it. I am a skeptic and will believe it when I see it, and I can't see why I can't do it myself. I don't ask for permission from physicists in doing my engineering - engineers create phenomenon and physicists explain them - first things first."  --Lee Felsenstein, SuperHappyDevHouse.org

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silver bullet

I guess if it works. they will sell it because everybody will want it as you will be able to make free electricity.

If it doesnt become available on the open market either its been shut down by the govt(conspiracy theorist will like this) or it doesnt work. I say ask Faraday as he came up with the law of electromagnetisim


This technology is used to reduce resistance but i think we should focus on reducing our energy usage now through already available tehcniques, insulation, reduced use, renewable energy. Not waiting for some silver bullet that will cure all our problems!

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'Over Energy Devices' and other Pepetual Motion inventions...

Hi dobermanmacleod!

I am sorry to poor cold water over your hopes. I am a physicist and I can tell you that there is no system that produces more energy than it consumes.

Today's electric generators are using computer designed coil and magnet systems that are reaching theoretical limits of efficiency already.

I am convinced that the company you mention is well aware of the fallacy of their claims yet will likely continue to try to suck in 'Venture Capital' from unsophisticated mom and pop investors, money that these people will not see again.

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