Solar Prospects for Everyday Living Workshop

On March 22 at Riverside there will be a workshop on solar ovens and dehydrators with Australian expert John Barker.

please note:
-freshly made solar dehydrator will be on display, in use, and its
making explained, but we may not be able to make one on the day. will
build ovens.
-time is from 9am to approx 7pm
-price TBA
-includes dinner, bring lunch to share
-contact damara at 526 7033 ext 47 or 021 216 2456 for info and

Solar Prospects for Everyday Living

A One-Day Workshop

Sunday 22 March 2009

Workshop Leader: John Barker

The Prospect

We know that we have to use less carbon-based energy if we are to heal the Planet.

Although governments and business are starting to take action with large-scale wind

farms, solar electricity and bio-fuels we are concerned that this may not be enough.

So what can citizens do by themselves or in community groups? Quite a lot- although

some things that have been suggested are not likely to be helpful.

The Workshop

The aim of this one-day workshop is to empower non-experts by providing basic

information, practical advice and some hands-on experience with solar energy. The

workshop will cover the following areas:

1. Introduction to basic solar and energy conservation concepts and myths:

 • Energy content of solar radiation

• Daily and seasonal changes in sun angles

• Colour differences

2. Solar and Energy Efficient Buildings, including:

• Objectives of solar design

Strategies for collection, storage, distribution and control of energy

• Practicalities and myths, including Retrofitting, dealing with lightweight structures, multi-storey heating issues, ventilation and insulation.

3. Solar Cooking

• Cooking objectives

• Materials

• Designing for purpose - how hot do you want it?

4. Solar Food

• Design Objectives

• Domestic and commercial designs

The morning sessions will cover the "theory" and set you up to follow through with practical exercises, which include:

• Making a fruit dryer

• Making a solar box cooker

• Designing or retrofitting your house

The workshop leader- John Barker
John has a PhD in physics and is one of Australia’s solar pioneers. In the 1970s he
started Western Australia’s solar housing design workshops and manufactured solar
ovens and fruit dryers. In the ‘80’s and ‘90’s he served on the advisory boards of the
WA Solar Energy Research Institute, the Murdoch University Energy Research
Institute and the WA Solar Energy Information Centre. In 2007 he presented a paper
at the World Solar Congress in Beijing on a very low cost solar cooker for developing
countries. He is presently writing a textbook on innovation strategies.