Waste Group

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Participants :

Tina  Johansson, Adele Smith, Charlie Goulter,  Paula Short, Jeff Santa Barbara


  • Clothes swapping party
  • Other swap parties e.g. Tools
  • Rubbish assessment /census of community bins
  • Recycling research
    • What are other villages doing?
    • Zero waste as a concept. Information on their website
    • Kirsty Quickfall/ Ian Challenger both live in Nelson now and may have ideas from Kaikoura's Zero Waste project
  • Community rubbish bins with recycling facilities
    • e.g. Wharf , Ruby Bay, Mapua village centre
    • "Love" recycling project being rolled out in other towns, could we personalise this for Mapua/ art/sculpture
  • Plastic bag-free town
    • Mapua branded eco bags
  • Cafes/restaurants → Bokashi system, composting
  • Bring your own container - Café's /coffee
  • Recycling store
    • Ruby Recycles more for clothes, what about other items?
  • No junk mail stickers
  • Recycling waste (unwanted items ) to Kindergartens, cencus of what kind of items they would like to receive from the community for reuse by the kids
  • Water - use of water
    • need for eco-friendly cleaners/ natural cleaners in this situation
  • Composting → community gardens


Administrator for this group is Paula Short.

To join this group email mapua.waste@transitiontowns.org.nz