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Surplus Fruit Share Raglan

Fruit4U, the first initiative from the Food Group of TT Whaingaroa/Raglan, collected about 120kg of citrus fruit from around Raglan in two hours on Tuesday morning. It had all been thrown to the ground by the series of storms we are experiencing and the slugs were starting show an interest! Thanks to all the Raglan residents who donated their surplus fruit. » Read more

Location / Venue: 
Old School Arts Centre Car Park

“At the tipping point: thinking beyond sustainability” - Nandor Tanczos

Lecture Series by Nandor Tanczos: Tues 12, Weds 13 & Thurs 14 Aug

Former Green Party MP and recent Greens’ Environment Spokesperson, Nandor Tanczos will brief students and members of the public around New Zealand on how the world’s love affair with economic growth impacts on our environment. He will address the issues of climate change, peak oil, and resource depletion and discuss how rising to these challenges requires a fundamental rethink of current assumptions.

In four locations around Auckland. Read more... » Read more

Location / Venue: 
Manukau Institute of Technology, J106, J Block, South Campus

What a load of rubbish

I recently got my 50 council rubbish bags delivered, so tried to shove them in the drawer, but there was no room.  I still have all of last year’s ones, and some from 2006. » Read more

Alcohol can be a gas! David Blume

Richard Lee put me onto this, and it looks like the author, Ethanol expert David Blume may be at the Eco Show in Taupo in October.

He hits the high points of why alcohol fuel is the smart, sustainable alternative energy solution, in this mind-opening 5-minute version of a longer interview.

» Read more

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The Power of Community - TTMarton

Our next meeting 4 Aug 7:30pm will feature a couple of shortish movies on “Perma-culture”

The first is called “The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil” » Read more

Location / Venue: 
Venue - Marton City Elim Church Hall corner Broadway and High Streets.

A Crude Awakening - Waiheke

The New Zealand Herald and other popular media have made the link between the rising prices of food and the price of oil, but they have failed to highlight the link between the rising price of oil and the current geological realities of this valuable but finite resource. Transition Waiheke is offering a screening of this Crude Awakening, that came out in late 2006, when the oil price was spiking at the shockingly high price of $70/barrel! (it has been over $140/barrel in recent months). The film points out that new oil is not being made, discovery peaked a long time ago, and we are now using six barrels of oil for every new one that we discover. Times are a changing. » Read more

Location / Venue: 
The Waiheke Community Cinema

Green Drinks and Lynda Hallinan

One of the first things the Opotiki Transition Town group did after our first public meeting in November was to establish our own regular Green Drinks.  We’ve been meeting and welcoming new people to join the korero ever since. » Read more

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Sustainable Whanganui general meeting

Sustainable Whanganui monthly meetings are now bi-monthly (instead of monthly) as we transition.

Transition Town steering group meetings run weekly: Tuesdays at 3.30.


Location / Venue: 
Environment Centre
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An Interview with Starhawk; sacred activism, collapse and the role of permaculture

from http://transitionculture.org/2008/07/23/an-interview-with-starhawk/

What do you see as being the main characteristics of the challenge we face at this moment?

I think the challenge we face at this moment is pretty simple. We just need to completely transform our economy, our technology, our system of agriculture, our food system and the governance systems that go with it, and we needed to have done this all 10 years ago! It’s easy... (laughs). » Read more

Organic Food Co-op Feasibility Meeting - Opotiki Coast

There has been a great deal of support for an Organic Food Co-operative to be started here in Opotiki.  We have an option of using some space in the Ngaitai Iwi Authority Trust's 'Blue Shed' on the corner of Church and Richard St.

If you are interested in being part of or supporting the existance of an organic food co-op in Opotiki then please come to the meeting at 7pm Weds 30th July at 60 Wellington St, Opotiki.  Contact Kazel on 3155055 or 0210332428 for more details, or reply here. » Read more