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Over a barrel - a new vision needed


This is the text of the feature article I had published in the Dominion Post on Monday. Feel free to quote or distribute it as needed.



Tim Jones

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How to start a garden

This information came from Grant Steven, the man behind Organiponico raised bed systems in New Zealand.

I am sure most people are already aware of the many benefits of Raised Bed Gardening.


And those of you who are still unconvinced look around. The reality is that saturated, cold, anaerobic, compacted soils just do not grow good vegetables. » Read more

The Russian Experience

Most of us have heard about the Cuban story, but here's a story book look at what happened during the Petro collapse in Russia (1991)... » Read more

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Like fish???

check this out http://www.backyardaquaponics.com

not everything has to be permaculture ;-)

pretty clever.

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Which is worse?

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Book Specials!

Recommended books:
Understanding and creating alternatives to legal tender
by Thomas H Greco Jnr

'Interest and Inflation-free Money';
Creating an exchange medium that works for everybody and protects the earth
by Margrit Kennedy

'Healthy Money, Healthy Planet'; » Read more

Online option trading


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Transition Towns Tutukaka Coast - It's a "growing" movement!

What's it all about? Come along and find out.

6.30 Free tea/coffee. Bring a plate of nibbles.

7.00 Presentation of the Transition Town model followed by discussions, brainstorming and where to from here.

Finish by 9.30pm. No fee.


Living Systems Thinking - A Workshop for Growing Vibrant Communities - Devonport

Join us to explore how nature's lessons can help us drive complex community programs. Its collaborative approach will re-energise our traditional Industrial Age (Project Management) strategies. Info http://www.projectmanagement.co.nz/systems%20thinking.htm
Location 20 Hastings Parade, Devonport. contact us (09) 445 4454 anytime or pgoldsbury@stratex.co.nz
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A week in the life

I have been serving the Transition Towns community Aotearoa since October 2007. It has been an amazing time and I feel honoured and privelaged to have been able to be part of the evolution of this extraordinary community-led response to the issues facing us as a nation and a world.

I thought it would be useful to record a typical week, so that I could see just how much time I'm spending on Transition Towns work, and what it is I'm doing. This was a fairly average week (and it totalled 61hrs!) and is a good reflection of how it has been for the last several months. » Read more