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Transition Children

Having lost the very first Blog that I had written, probably because I wrote it in Blog Space and not on my computer first. “Notes to all bloggers and myself of course: 1. never write your first draft on the blog space, 2. ‘Preview’ does not mean that the blog is saved. click save and then preview. Some of you are smiling to your selves I know.

This version will be more succinct and to the point.

We are Transition Children. » Read more

The Fabulous Fruit Tree group

This fun 2 minute clip (a big thanks to www.waiheke.tv) shows the energy behind the Fabulous Fruit Tree initiative, which has the vision for Waiheke becoming the Fruit Bowl of the Hauraki Gulf, and has set a target of 20,000 fruit and nut trees planted on public and private land over the next 10 years.

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Add a link that shows your group's events

If you go to the Waiheke page you will see a link to the Transition Waiheke Events Calender. This was simply done, and can make for a functional and easy way to see what's going on in your local group. » Read more

Waiheke dialogue on Food

We have booked Waiheke's Piritahi Marae for this event, which will focus around the question:

"Meeting Waiheke's food needs in a post Peak Oil world"

We will use Open Space Technology to facilitate the dialogue, and look forward to bringing together all the many different people and groups who are involved in food related projects and intiatives all over the island. » Read more

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Green Drinks in the Capital City

SBN in conjunction with Intersect, The Sustainability Trust and NZAEE are delighted to invite you to attend Green Drinks in the Capital. Come along to Southern Cross Garden Bar and Restaurant to hear the finalists of the 2008 Get Sustainable Awards being announced! Enjoy good company and a drink in a relaxed and informal environment. Nibbles will also be provided and are kindly sponsored by the venue.

Venue: The Lodge, Southern Cross Garden Bar and Restaurant, 39 Abel Smith Street, Wellington

Sue Kedgley in Taupo

Sue Kedgley is having a Public Meeting on "Food prices going up, food quality going down". 73 Titiraupenga St, REAP Centre, Taupo

Kiss Your Gas Goodbye

I just spotted this in the...Post Carbon Newsletter, and thought you would enjoy it. I have already written to ask if we can get and use the graphics. Unfortunately I couldn't them into this post, and the only place I can find the graphic is in the email version of the newsletter.

Post Carbon Institute Lecture Series - Kiss Your Gas Goodbye! Peak Oil, Gas Prices & the Future of Energy » Read more

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Mortgage meltdown

People lose their houses when the special low interest rate they were paying gets reset to the real rate. The scam that's been running in the US lately is that people would would hope to on-sell the houses before the rate reset, and reap the capital gains. It all goes to custard when they can't on-sell (for more than they paid), as is happening now. They're left paying a mortgage that they used to be able to afford, but when the rate resets they cannot. » Read more

Transition Hawke's Bay Stategic Planning Meeting

Transition HB - Where to in the next 6 months?