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Transition Hawke's Bay - Survival Hawke's Bay inaugral meeting

What if our best laid transitioning plans take too long? This new subgroup looks at survival techniques for if peak oil hits suddenly, leaving us without infrastructure such as healthcare.  All welcome!

Garden Make-overs

Garden Makeovers.

It may be that the best way to create food security in Opotiki is to encourage local growing.  After all, if we are going to establish a local market-place, we’d better have something to trade!    » Read more

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THAMES: Commentator Rod Oram - peaks, carbon, happiness, dollars, and unlimited opportunity [almost]

Author, journalist and commentator Rod Oram - well-known as a regular on Radio New Zealand's Nine-to-Noon show, for his weekly column in the Sunday-Star Times newspaper, and his recent book about New Zealand Reinventing Paradise - will speak in Thames at the St James Hall on Friday 25 July at 7pm. A former business editor of the New Zealand Herald, Rod Oram honed his craft during 18 years as editor and journalist based in London and New York for Britain's highly regarded Financial Times. » Read more

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THAMES: Robert Newman's History of Oil - a satirical oil-focussed comedy film

Its funny, its anarchic, its insightful, and its lit by a couple of burly chaps riding bicycles attached to generators. British comedian Robert Newman, once of the equally funny/anarchic etc Mary Whitehouse Experience brings true tales of colonial derring-doo that make you wish they derring didn't. Its at the Grahamstown Hall in Thames, 7.00, sunday 20 July. and theres soup and discussion to follow.

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News: Rod Oram to speak in Thames - 25 july

News Release – 15 July 2008

Energy, Peaks, Happiness, Dollars and Opportunites:
Renowned Journalist To Speak In Thames » Read more

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Transition Children

Having lost the very first Blog that I had written, probably because I wrote it in Blog Space and not on my computer first. “Notes to all bloggers and myself of course: 1. never write your first draft on the blog space, 2. ‘Preview’ does not mean that the blog is saved. click save and then preview. Some of you are smiling to your selves I know.

This version will be more succinct and to the point.

We are Transition Children. » Read more

The Fabulous Fruit Tree group

This fun 2 minute clip (a big thanks to www.waiheke.tv) shows the energy behind the Fabulous Fruit Tree initiative, which has the vision for Waiheke becoming the Fruit Bowl of the Hauraki Gulf, and has set a target of 20,000 fruit and nut trees planted on public and private land over the next 10 years.

» Read more

Add a link that shows your group's events

If you go to the Waiheke page you will see a link to the Transition Waiheke Events Calender. This was simply done, and can make for a functional and easy way to see what's going on in your local group. » Read more

Waiheke dialogue on Food

We have booked Waiheke's Piritahi Marae for this event, which will focus around the question:

"Meeting Waiheke's food needs in a post Peak Oil world"

We will use Open Space Technology to facilitate the dialogue, and look forward to bringing together all the many different people and groups who are involved in food related projects and intiatives all over the island. » Read more

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