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Transition Hawke's Bay Stategic Planning Meeting

Transition HB - Where to in the next 6 months?

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Electric Vechical Test rides.

Come test ride some of the latest electric motorbikes!

Please find more info and RSVP on the TT Social Website.

RSVP Here!


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Public meeting - Wellington South

Who: Everyone!

Where: Newtown Community Centre

When: Wednesday 23rd of July, 7pm

On the 8th of July we screened the documentary 'A Crude Awakening' and as this meeting is the first since that, there will probably be some things from the documentary to discuss.

If people who are not very familiar with the Transition Towns concept, then we may talk about that for a while... Clearly the agenda for this meeting is still being finalised, so please feel free to add your own agenda items

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Opec earnings reach US$1.251 trillion

Opec's earnings from oil exports are expected to reach a record US$1.251 trillion ($NZ1.68 trillion) this year, about US$73 billion more than previously estimated, the US government's top energy forecasting agency said on Tuesday. » Read more

"Farming with Nature" Permaculture - Upper Hutt

An Upper Hutt Transition Towns public meeting is being held at 7:30pm Monday 14 July, in the Lighthouse Cinema, 8 Miro St, Upper Hutt.

We will show a 35 minute video on Permaculture "Farming with Nature" followed by an introduction and discussion led by Andrew Morrison.  There will also be an update of progress on the UHTT project groups.  Entry is free, koha is welcome.  Supper will be provided.

Permaculture is a holistic approach to organic gardening encompassing soil, compost, water, and energy.

Food Prices

Food prices

The rising price of food has so many complex factors contributing that it is hard to pin-point any main cause, but in reducing our Carbon Footprint we are also able to escape from most of those costly traps.

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Paragraphs wanted for Aust/NZ insert into The Transition Handbook

I had a chat with Rob Hopkins last night, and he was seeking some input for a 16 page insert into an Australian edition of The Transition Handbook. This insert will also be made available so that those who have purchased the book recently can get it. » Read more

Bring & Share - Ideas & Resources: Marton

Bring & Share - Ideas & Resources

At the previous meeting we discussed a diverse range of topics and concluded that we need to develop our thinking about Transition in Marton/Rangitikei.

- Think about the areas that particularly interest you so we can see where the main concerns lie.

- Bring any relevant books/mags/videos/seeds so we can see what kind of information resources we have.

- If anybody has any edible examples of what can be grown/baked/distilled and digested please feel free to inspire us by tabling full multi-sensory specimens. » Read more

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Overseas kiwis: come home now

Cheap flights are gone for good. We are currently witnessing a fast concentration of the market, because the fierce competition prevents airlines from transferring the whole fuel bill to their passengers. As the weaker players exit the arena, ticket prices will rise until the few remaining airlines can break even financially. » Read more