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Transition Lower Hutt

7:30pm meeting to finalise our events timetable.

Venue: 47 Randwick Crescent, Moera, Lower Hutt. Note - this is NOT Randwick Road. http://smaps.co.nz/nz/lower+hutt/moera/randwick+crescent/47/


We'll be following on from our previous meeting on plans for the next 6 months. By the end of the meeting we'll have a A4 sheet with 6-8 events listed on it.

Building Waiheke's community inventory

Our current focus

We need your community initiatives! Transition Waiheke is developing a community inventory of a wide range of Waiheke initiatives which strengthen our community. Having an inventory provides people with the opportunity to join initiatives and enables groups to network with others who have similar goals. The inventory may also reveal community resources which groups can draw on to support their work.

We would like to get your community initiative on the inventory. » Read more

Whangarei Public Meeting

When:  Thursday 3rd July from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.  Bring along a plate of finger food to share, teas and coffee available.  Meeting to start at 7pm.  » Read more

Brooklyn Food Group

Join us for warming winter soup and to plot how we can grow our own!
Sue Boyle from Operation Green Thumb and Wellington Community Gardens joins us to discuss roots to urban self-sufficiency.

Location: Brooklyn Community Centre
Street: 18 Harrision Street
City/Town: Brooklyn, Wellington
Contact Info: 04 970 1091

Are We on a Road to Nowhere?

Transition Town Brooklyn invites you to an evening of film and lively debate on Brooklyn’s transport challenges.

Film: End of Suburbia (80 mins)

Time: July 16, 2008 at 7pm
Location: Brooklyn Community Centre
Street: 18 Harrision Street
City/Town: Brooklyn, Wellington
Contact Info: 04 970 1091 » Read more

Brooklyn Stay Warm & Save Dollars

Stay Warm & Save Dollars

An evening of informative, practical presentations and lively debate with;

• Joseph Mayhew (Renewable Energy Advisor - EECA) on local options for renewable energy.

• Sarah Free (Energy Advisor, Sustainability Trust) on ways we can save energy and reduce our power bills.

Date: Weds 20 August 2008 from 7.00 – 9.00pm

Venue: Brooklyn Community Centre, 18 Harrison Street

Refreshments Provided - Gold Coin Koha » Read more

Film Night: Transition Towns - Planning for a Low Energy Future - Johnsonville

Transition Johnsonville will be screening Jo Duff's Transition Towns presentation - Planning for a Low Energy Future at Room 4 of the Johnsonville Community Centre, 3 Frankmoor Ave, Johnsonville. Discussion afterwards. Everyone welcom irrespective of which area you are from!

TT gets a mention in parliament

About half way through Nandor's speech. Watch it at http://www.greens.org.nz/node/18811

Opotiki Coast Blog

I have been offered a column in our local paper, The Opotiki News.  This is the first of the weekly 500 word articles to begin being published on Thurs 3rd July.

Intro to Transition Towns and Peak Oil. » Read more

The Power of Community - Aro valley

• Are rising petrol and food prices a concern for you and your family?
• Does climate change worry you?
• How can you and your family do something small but empowering?

Transition Towns Aro Valley invites friends & neighbours to

MEET WITH US: Monday 7 July
TIME: 7 - 9 pm
VENUE: ‘The Castle’, 327 Willis St, Aro Valley (big yellow building!)

FEATURING: Film “Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil”, an inspiring account of Cuba’s transition to self-sufficiency and resilience. » Read more