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Point Chev Games Night - Round #4

Point Chev Games Night - Round #3

Pt Chev Games Night #3


Swap Five Event

What a great success for our Swap Five event! We had lots of people contributing pre-loved items and it almost felt like Christmas when discovering hidden gems, still fashionable or at least wearable art clothing and other cool gadgets in the electronics department. All accompanied by free (Koha) yummy food and lots of excitement - this one calls for a repeat for sure!


Swap Five Pt Chev - 13 Sep 2015

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Orewa Transition Town - September 10th

Thursday 10th September

"Clean Disruption: Why Conventional Energy and Transportation will be Obsolete by 2030"

In 1907, New York, like most large cities, was over 90% dependent on horses for transportation.  A little over a decade later, in 1920, more than 90% of New York's transport was powered by internal combustion engines, and the horse powered transport was soon a historic novelty. » Read more

Mt Victoria September meeting - 'The Climate Blueprint' film

Tuesday 8th September at 7.30pm, at New Crossways, Roxburgh St. 'The Climate Blueprint' film. We will view the 52 minute documentary "The Climate Blueprint" which is the first doucmentary to explore the history of the climate change summits, beginning with Kyoto in 1997. This is against the background of the coming Paris Convention (COP21) in December of this year. At Paris the hope is for a new global agreement against global warming, the Paris Protocol. All welcome to come and see this interesting story.
For more information contact Frank Cook, 027 6496508

Location / Venue: 
Crossways Community Centre, 6 Roxburgh Street, Mt Victoria, Wellington

Ooooby is Crowdfunding

Ooooby’s mission is to make local food convenient, affordable and fair everywhere. To do this it has developed a lean-efficient distribution model, that can scale by being replicated to serve the local food needs of any modest sized population. This social enterprise aligns well with the Transition Towns philosophy of moving from oil dependence to local resilience, and is a commons based business, which means that suppliers, customers and crew all share in its success.

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Mt Victoria August meeting - 'Last Call' film

Tuesday 11th August at 7.30pm, at New Crossways, Roxburgh St. 'Last Call' film. We will view the documentary film “Last Call”. This 90 minute 2013 documentary revisits the ideas of the Club of Rome (Limits to Growth) by interviewing its surviving members and includes footage from the period when the group’s work was first released. The documentary, like “The Limits to Growth” forty years earlier, raises questions about sustainable growth and consumerism that are even more urgent than they were in the 1970s. » Read more

Location / Venue: 
Crossways Community Centre, 6 Roxburgh Street, Mt Victoria, Wellington

Living the Good life. 30 August 2015 A day looking at living sustainably off a lifestyle block - what is really involved?

Look at an established lifestyle block in Tirau.  Learn about keeping a house cow, beef cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry.  See how an orchard can be landscaped to be attractive, productive and produce nutrient-dense food with minimal input.  Discuss system for harvesting, preserving and growing food.

See www.lals.nz for full details

Location / Venue: 
Tirau, South Wiakato

Mt Victoria July meeting - 'Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change' film

Tuesday 14th July at 7.30pm, at New Crossways, Roxburgh St.
Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change' film. We will view the 2010 documentary film Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change. » Read more

Location / Venue: 
Crossways Community Centre, 6 Roxburgh Street, Mt Victoria, Wellington
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What will it take to catalyse and inspire Aotearoa NZ becominug a Transition Country? Where does Kaitiakitanga fit in?

Modern histories tell us that Aotearoa New Zealand was the last landmass to be settled by humans. Will it be the first that humans have to evacuate given the pollution to its rivers, lakes, and land ? Or will it be the first to chart a new way forward, drawing on the best of the modern world and its indigenous traditions?


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