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Hanawera Permaculture Design Course - Horowhenua - January 2014

Permaculture Design Course — January 2014

From Saturday 11th to Saturday 25th January at our 50 hectare permaculture place near Otaki on the Kapiti Coast, with everything from gardens, orchards, arable crops, animals, plantations and wilderness forests, to bio-filtered swimming pool and eco-cabin farmstay.  Includes field trips with local hapu and wild foods. » Read more

Location / Venue: 
Hanawera farm — Horowhenua

Mt Victoria October meeting -'A Meeting of Minds', screening of a conversation between His Holiness the Dalai Lama and New Zealand's Lloyd Geering

Tuesday 8th October, at 7.30pm - 'A Meeting of Minds', the Face television conversation between His Holiness the Dalai Lama and New Zealand's Lloyd Geering. The interview screened earlier this year on Triangle television (not available in Wellington) between New Zealand's elder and well published Professor Emeritus on religious studies, Lloyd Geering, and the Dalai Lama. Some of the Dalai Lama's fundamental views on Buddhism and the rest of the world are discussed as well as aspects of his life. » Read more

Location / Venue: 
Crossways Community Centre, 6 Roxburgh Street, Mt Victoria, Wellington

Building community like a forest

The first New Zealand Food Forest Hui, held in Auckland last week was a high energy and over-subscribed event (we had sold out and had people in a waiting list). Here are some of the highlights and outcomes. If you missed it, stay in touch, there’s sure to be another!

Building community like a forest

Lucia Pic 2 - lunch on the deckWhile we spoke at the Hui, about food forestsand forest gardens, we also modelled living like a forest – each playing our part in an intricate eco-system of exchanges.


Our forest layers were represented by age, stature, flexibility, stores of knowledge, experience, wisdom and more.

We celebrated what is, embraced the possibilities of what could be and committed to practical actions to support the vision.

Imagine food forest projects popping up all over the country, on public land, on private land, for community benefit, for individual food security and well-being, and for commercial gain. We were united around this vision of building New Zealand’s food self-reliance through resilient, multi-layered, mostly perennial food systems, all the while remaining grounded and caring for each other.

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National Hub revisited


Hi everyone

I've recently returned from England (Totnes) where I had a good chat with the founders of Transition Towns and Transition Network. I asked what conditions created a strong successful transition. There are of coruse several conditions:

1. a sense of identity

2. a strong lateral thinking coordination team

3. where there is a national hub providing support, coordination, stimulation, connections etc. » Read more

Permaculture Design Certification Course


Permaculture Design Certification Course

Design Solutions for Resilient Food, Building and Community Systems 
Saturdays, January 11th - April 26th 2014, $1200 - $1400. » Read more

Location / Venue: 
Innermost Gardens, Wellington, NZ
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Sustainable Bays Meeting Notes from September 2013 meeting

A one acre food forest in Waihi

I got alerted to this project by Carl Pickens, while in the final weeks leading up New Zealand's first Food Forest Hui (Sep 26-28). More information on the Hui.

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Transitioning Surfdale Orchard to a Food Forest

We moved 18 Cu M of mulch around the 5 year old trees in the Surfdale community orchard yesterday.

This is a step in replacing the grasses (such as Kikiuyu) with ground cover plants of our choosing (some edible) - to be followed by other (mostly perennial) food plants in the families of root crops, herbs, shrubs and bushes and flowers for the pollinators and our pleasure.

This will result in a multi layered forest garden requiring minimal maintenance, and producing free food for the public who frequent it.

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Food Forest in a box

Andy's FF in a window sill

Have you ever wondered how many plants you might need for a food forest? Well take a look at this, and you’ll get a good feeling for the numbers.

Andy Cambeis is spending some time on Waiheke and we got together on the weekend to go over the wording of his “Manual for creating a Food Forest on Public Land“. We did this because of a couple of bright young women – a publisher and a graphic designer – who are working to turn this into an app for iPhone and iPad, and which I hope we’ll get a preview of at the Food Forest Hui at the end of September.

While I was there Andy kindly allowed me to shoot this video which shows the volume of plants he is raising in a window sill in the house where he’s staying. While he has a few more canopy trees than would be included in a 700SqM ‘pod’, and there are no climbers represented, this is the essence of the plants needed for a temperate food forest pod.

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Sustainable Bays monthly meeting

Meeting Monday 19th August 7pm Browns Bay school.

Location / Venue: 
Browns Bay school