Retrofitting Houses

The website below describes what I think is a marvellous idea for group retrofitting of houses, auditing energy losses and inefficiencies, then working as a team to fix insulation and deal with the various problems. The project is called HEET - I could imagine TT Motueka actually doing something like this. There is a parallel process with the Permaculture workshops run out of Nelson by Ted Howard and others. The workshop takes place on someone's land, which is actually worked on in the process of the workshop. People accumulate credits to have their land eligible for the process by working on the land of others. I'll be interested to understand if this sparks any enthusiasm in TTM.

(Note in both these forms, I'm not sure if the hyperlink is working. If not, cut and paste into your Google or other search device. It's absolutely worth looking at. Could really get things going in TTM.)