Natural Materials workshop being rescheduled

Natural Materials Workshop

Hello Friends,


Kia Ora,

Thanks to all of you for your interest in the Natural Material workshop programmed to be run in Kina Peninsula for 12 days during three week.


Unfortunately due to the fact that there were not enough enrolments for the workshop to happen, and because of some enquires I have received about the difficulties people have with the Timetables. The workshop is due to be reprogrammed, moved or cancelled.


The initial aim of this workshop was to apply diverse techniques into building something functional and to experience the whole process of such techniques with a social focus by working in group and community. This requires at least 3 weeks, and a minimum of 10 people previously enrolled.


Because to-day, three days away from the starting date of the workshop we couldn’t reach this goal the first week has been cancelled.


Enthusiastic for the good interest of some of you fellows, we are trying to make this happen. We have come to an alternative version of a one week program as a compact workshop that can cover briefly the same alternative techniques stated in the program, with the cost of $100 NZ dollars and with the following program and tentative schedule.


Still for this to happen, a minimum of 10 people is required to be previously enrolled.



Thursday 2nd of April 2pm-8pm

Bamboo: introduction about harvesting, treatment, preparation, joints and structures, brief exercise about garden structures, and application into buildings.

Other Fibres: Revision of hemp, yute, flax, and some grasses and straws as a building Material.


Friday 3rd of April 2pm-8pm

Earth as a Building Material: Introduction differentiation of soils and uses, tests, mixture and brief understanding of different principles of Earth buildings.

Wattle and Daub: practical exercise applied into a building.

Straw Clay: Introduction, preparation and exercise applied to a building.


Saturday 4th of April 9am-1pm (lunch brake) 2pm-8pm

Adobes (Mud Bricks): Introduction, preparation, moulds, joining mixture, and exercise into a building.

Cob: Introduction, mixture, preparation, exercise into a building; Oregon technique, bottle work, sculptural application.


Sunday 5th of April 9am-1pm (lunch brake) 2pm-8pm

Reviewing of techniques: Integrating Natural Materials for Sustainable way of Building, Reviewing of Manuals, handbooks examples and Bibliography.

Choose a Favourite: Practical work and building exercise to apply the technique of your preference.

Finishing walls: Natural Plasters, Details and Paints.


*note: This program has been redesigned to be more compact and more intensive, therefore 36 hours where divided to fit half day Thursday and Friday, and full day during Saturday and Sunday. Bring your lunch to share on Saturday and Sunday, and as an option dinner also can be shared if you all feel like it.

Let us know any comments or suggestions.


Once10 people have contacted me for enrolment I will email the group with the account details for payment. An initial 50% of the total cost is asked as a confirmation of your enrolment. And the deadline for enrolments is Monday the 30th of March.


Thanks for your understanding, interest time and energy, we will love to know about your comments and suggestions, hoping to hear from you soon.



Jaime Rios