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Vaughan ujdur
Joined: 30 Apr 2009
Transition Transmissions

Hi everyone

I hope you all enjoyed and embraced the meeting as much as I.

I would like to again thank Diana for an inspiring presentation, and every ones enthusiasm.


#1 - I am going to try to start riding to work again, even though its winter I think all the more reason, and it makes more of a statement of commitment + It takes 5 mins extra just to defrost car the windows!

#2 - Tell my neighbour Willy about Transition Towns

What are you doing?



Diana Z
Joined: 4 May 2009
Time to put Invercargill on the list of Transition Communities

Hi Vaughan,

Thank you. We have been really pleased with the turn out for the movies and talks. So many fresh ideas! As a result we decided we will set up an Invercargill page on this wiki site. Which means I only just created an account for myself - I don't actually like hanging around the computer, do enough of this for work, and particularly not on days as we had them! Got a harvest to bring in, he he.

We have a planning meeting tomorrow, for talks and workshops for the next few months. In the next few days I will send out an email to all who attended any of the events in the Energy Transition Series, if you wanted to become members of the Transition Towns Southland Google Group. This has been going for a while.

But just now I'm off to bed.





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Hi Diana. Please see

Hi Diana. Please see

Vaughan ujdur
Joined: 30 Apr 2009
Kew RD Community Garden

Have we got approval to remove the pine trees yet?
I take it there have been no hits on Trade-me for them.
Would also be good to talk to the Caretaker/gardener to get him to start dumping into our invisible Compost heaps.
If anyone has any green waste that is not riddled with >3mm sticks/twigs, then we should start making a compost pile.
I would like to just work with the space we have this weekend but I don't have any plants to share, so I will help with making terraces so we can start to build up a good organic base.
Does anyone have any old Iron we can use at a later date?
Can someone bring some Wood to make an information stand with contacts and a Sign.
We can laminate the plan to start with but how were we going to cover it? was it going to have a small roof? that could collect water...?
Does anyone have any 44 Gal drums that can hold water, some old guttering, Hack saw, PVC pipe glue or bamboo we can use to funnel the water?
Just briing down any junk you think could be helpfull!
I have some 4x4 posts I was saving unintentionally for this purpose I guess.
Can some one bring some Wooden crates and rope to lassoo the Crates together to make the compost heapS.
See you there.

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Hi re the trees

No No hits on Trade Me about them at all.
Im back at my place in the Rangitikei now and its funny how life lines us up and takes control. I now have care of my 5 year old Grandson as well so maybe thats why life turned us around and sent us back here. I wouldnt have known what was going on in his life from down there.

I started an Oooby group for Invercargill if anyone wants to have a look at that web site even for glimmers of interesting topics etc.

I miss Invercargill but I dont miss the cold weather ;)


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