Transition Nelson

Concerned about rising food and petrol prices?

Interested in a Sustainable Future?

Want to take ACTION at a local level?

Transition Nelson is part of the rapidly spreading international Transition Town movement.

A community response to Climate Change and Peak Oil.


What are Transition Towns?

Transition Towns are a local response, yet part of a rapidly spreading global movement. They are a way in which local communities can work together to reduce our dependence on oil and build resilient and self-reliant communities better able to withstand the challenges ahead.

The twin pressures of Peak Oil and Climate Change will change the way we live – big time. Food, transport and energy costs have already risen significantly and are predicted to soar. Weather patterns will change with droughts, floods and cyclones becoming more common. Humankind will face unprecedented challenges. The impact will certainly be felt within the next 5 years.

While it means big changes in everyday life, it doesn’t mean all doom and gloom. Transition Towns are communities just like yours taking positive action now to prepare.

Peak Oil

Peak Oil is not about “running out of oil”. It is about the end of cheap and plentiful oil, which nearly all of the products and services we use today depend on. Transport, manufacturing, food, housing, healthcare etc...

Up till now rising demand for oil has always been met by increased supply. When global oil extraction peaks there will be significant shortages, much higher prices and growing international tension over remaining oil supplies.

A growing body of independent oil experts and geologists have calculated that peak oil production for the world will occur between 2006 and 2012. Prices have already risen significantly, in 1999 a barrel of oil was just US$12 now it is over US$120.

'''It is difficult to overstate what this means to our lives in the developed countries.'''

How will this affect you? Your car, your job, food, houses, goods even health services are heavily reliant on oil. We need to create an economy and community which is less dependent on oil, more local, resilient and sustainable in the face of changes to come.

Climate Change

It is now widely accepted that global warming has been caused by human activity. This is mainly due to increases in greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere. Temperatures and sea levels are now rising and more extreme weather events are becoming more common.

We need to drastically cut these emissions to avoid overheating the planet and such cuts need to start now given the time lag until the positive effects occur.

Other Sustainability Issues

There are a number of other critical issues affecting our ecosystem and it is important to consider these as part of “moving to the next age”. Examples include:

  • Depletion of other natural resources
  • Loss of biodiversity
  • Contamination of water & soils
  • Growth of world population


A Transition Town Group is now active in Nelson. Its initial aim is to raise public awareness about Climate Change and Peak Oil as pressing sustainability issues. As understanding and interest grows, “working groups” will form in areas such as Energy, Transport, Food, Healthcare, Waste, Education, and Housing etc.

Everyone’s input, energy and creativity is of value. These working groups aim to tap into the creative genius of the community and drive projects designed to transition Nelson from high energy to a low energy sustainable lifestyle in the most creative manner. Transition Nelson also wishes to link in with other groups already active in this area.

If we collectively plan and act early enough there is every likelihood that we can create a way of living that’s significantly more connected, more vibrant and more in touch with our community and environment than the oil addicted treadmill we find ourselves on today.


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