June 2009 meeting

Transition Pt Chevalier meeting June 9, 2009


Chairperson - Niki.

Present: Keith, Amanda, Ellen, Crea, Jenny, Ruth, Yolanda, Keren, Walter.

Apologies: Kate Harris, Jo and Guido.


The One Year Birthday of Transition Town Pt Chevalier was celebrated in style with a divine cake very kindly thought of and supplied by Ruth, complete with candle and cloth napkins! Thanks Ruth.


Purchasing Group

 - in addition to the principles endorsed at the last meeting the following was endorsed and added - "Being as close as possible to the producer"

 - all the Google docs have been set up i.e. Excel spreadsheets with products listed. The members of the purchasing group will have a go to do a group order for the first time to try it out.

 - discussion was had about the concept of a purchasing community, not just a co-op. Also discussion on the varying opinions of the relative importance of organic / local / imported / fair trade etc... Suggestion was made that various groups may develop with more emphasis on particular areas.

 - the group has had to limit choice to keep it simple.


Permaculture Hui last weekend in Te Teko, near Whakatane

 - Ellen attended with 12 others from Auckland.

 - Great Open Space procedure ensured a very relaxed atmosphere with an amazing community feel.


KFC in Pt Chev

 - Ruth mentioned that a neighbour of hers is unhappy about this planned new outlet and other suburbs have tried to stop other similar developments in the past.


Awakening the Dreamer

 - this is coming up on Saturday 20th June at the building behind The old Homestead, 92 Pt Chevalier Rd, from 1-5pm.

 - posters were distributed to put up and emails have been sent to all contacts.

 - registrations can be made either online at www.awakeningthedreamer.org or by emailing yolanda.v@xtra.co.nz


Communications Role

 - Ruth has done a fantastic one year in this role and as agreed from the start is ready to hand over.

 - no one has put their hand up to take it over (no one feels they can live up to the high standard!) so the suggestion was made to rotate it monthly using the gmail account set up for TT Pt Chev by Jenny. All agreed.

 - below is the roster set up with offers from those present and a roster was also set up for the chairperson for the next meetings.


9 june - 14 july - Ruth: setting up with the gmail email account

14 july - 11 aug - Ruth:  preparation to show the new person

11 aug - 8 sept - Amanda

8 sept - 13 oct - Ellen

13 oct - 10 nov - Yolanda


14 july - Guido, 11 aug - Ruth, 8 sept - Yolanda, 13 oct - Crea, 10 nov - ?


Eion Scotts talk

 - this was well received with lots of good information shared.

 - suggestion was made to hold an event where people can visit local homes where owners are happy to share their examples and experiences of sustainability projects, home renovations etc.  This could be a subgroup if some are keen to organise it.


World Environment Day

 - Keren shared a great story of a zoo visit/sealion challenge with her new entrant class. it was filmed for TV and the children did extremely well sharing their environmental knowledge


Unitec Hortecology Sanctuary

 - a small group attended a garlic planting which went very well and then were treated to a visit to the new marae, complete with fascinating explanations of the elaborate carvings.


The meeting closed at 9.05pm.


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