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Just Released! 

FRIDAY, 19th of June

7.30 pm


Spectacular documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand with unique footage from over 50 countries, all seen from the air. 

Don't miss it on a big screen. 
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    More information:

    This visually dramatic special illustrates the planet's fragile state entirely from a birds-eye view in stunning high definition. With spectacular aerial views from more than 50 countries, viewers will see the extent of human impact on our landscapes. And not a moment too soon: In the past 50 years --a single lifetime -- the Earth has been more radically changed than by all previous generations of humanity.

    “This movie has been inside my head for 15 years now. All that I saw and learnt whilst flying over the Earth has transformed me. Today, I want to share all that I have gained.
    This movie should be both magnificent and intelligent but, above all, it should be steadfastly constructive. To give you an example amongst many others: what is important is not the 50% of the forests which have disappeared, but the 50% which remain. What is important today is that we are 6 billion intelligent beings who can take action.
    Through the quality of its images and reflections, this movie should make people aware that we ALL have a responsibility and that we can all take action at our own level.
    As my friend Albert Jacquard says, “being conscience that tomorrow will come and that I can have an effect on it is peculiar to Man.”

    « Cela fait 15 ans que je porte en moi ce film. Ce que j’ai vu et appris en survolant la Terre m’a transformé. Aujourd’hui, tout ce que j’ai reçu, je veux le partager.
    Ce film devra être à la fois magnifique et intelligent, mais surtout il sera résolument constructif. Un exemple parmi d’autres : ce qui est important ce ne sont pas les 50 % de la forêt qui ont disparu mais les 50 % qui restent. Ce qui est important, c’est qu’aujourd’hui nous sommes six milliards d’intelligences pour agir.
    Par la qualité de ses images et de ses réflexions, ce film devra faire comprendre qu’on a TOUS une responsabilité et que nous pouvons tous agir à notre échelle.
    Comme le dit mon ami Albert Jacquard, “ être conscient que demain existera et que je peux agir sur lui est le propre de l’Homme ” ».

    Yann Arthus-Bertrand