Wellington Public Transport Review

Wellington Public Transport Review

The Wellington public transport review has now stepped up a gear, and you will receive a survey form in your mailbox during the few days. Greater Wellington plans and funds most public transport, and is now looking at public transport routes, when and how often services run, and how they connect with each other.

I have already received a number of submissions calling for better services in places like
Owhiro Bay, West Brooklyn, Highbury, Melrose etc. All these were forwarded to the GW Transport Manager and will be considered, along with various petitions. If you are sending in further specific suggestions, I would also be very keen to hear of these so that I can support you (Paul.Bruce@GW.govt.nz).

Initial public consultation runs from 29 June to 27 July with 50,000 households to receive a copy of the document. Submitters will be invited to workshops with transport planners later in the year, alongside special interest groups, and public transport operator/s.

Please tell me if you don't receive your Wellington public transport review!

The review form can also be obtained from http://www.gw.govt.nz/wellingtonptreview
or longer submissions sent by email to ptreview@gw.govt.nz