Friends of Transition Towns Trust

Here is the outline as it has evolved from this dialogue. This has now been passed to Julie in Hawkes Bay to work into a Charitable Trust.

We are proposing a "Friends of Transition Towns Trust". This trust will not claim to represent Transition Towns, but be in support of the Transition work being undertaken all across the country.


  • Transparency on all 'significant' decision and financial matters
  • Decision making goes back to the network (Trustees have minimal power)
  • Collaboration facilitated and encouraged at every stage to attract maximum input
  • Decisions within the Board of Trustees are made by way of concensus (Minus 1)


  • To facilitate the flow of funds from various sources, to the Transition Network and those projects which have potential for maximum benefit
  • To hold the national vision of Resilient Communities
  • To be in service of transitioning NZ

Who are the Trustees

  • Self appointed trustees - who wants to step up to serve.
  • Trustee numbers not so important, whoever steps up to serve will be the ones
  • We would like those with the biggest vision - and the capacity to clearly communicate it
  • Will be active individuals within their own local transition initiative
  • Able to commit time to serve as a trustee, for an agreed period
  • Able to be accountable to the whole