Mapua Big Night Out Clothes Swap

The Mapua Big Night Out Clothes Swap

Sat 25th July, 7:30 pm, Mapua Hall


Please join us for the Mapua Big Night Out Clothes Swap. As well as having a great social night out and scoring some new winter/spring clothes for free you will also be helping to fundraise for some local environmental projects as well as supporting recycling in our community.

Tickets cost just $20.

From this $5 goes to Mahana School, $5 covers our costs, and $10 will go directly to environmental projects in our community. Will be asking for feedback on these projects during the event.

Your ticket price includes: Supper, a complimentary glass of mulled wine and a gourmet chocolate

Tickets are available from: Tessa Mae's, Mapua Country Trading Store, Zoom Hairdressers, and Mahana School

How the clothes swap works

Bring your ticket and your clothes down to the Mapua Hall between 3:30 and 5pm on Saturday 25th July

Please only reasonably fashionable winter/spring items that are clean, are in great condition with no marks, missing buttons, pills, rips missing zips etc.

It would be great if you could bring your hangable clothes in on hangers (of course you will take clothes away on hangers too)

Items can include clothes, scarves, bags, shoes, - no underwear, sleepwear, swimwear or jewellry

Bring a bag to put your new clothes in

We will record from 1-10+ on your ticket the number of clothes you bring to swap

Bring as many items as you want but you can only take a maximum of ten home - more to go round

If you don't have clothes to swap you can still take some home if you want to at extra cost (ie: on top of your ticket price): $5 for 1-2 items, $10 for 3-4 items, $15 for 6-10 items (cash please)

If you want to treat your ticket purchase as a donation and come just for the social occasion thats fine!

Unswapped clothes will be donated to charity - you can't ask for your clothes back - sorry

The clothes swap itself starts at 7:30pm, this gives us time to sort through all the clothes and get them laid out so the fun can begin!


Things to do:

Pick up a ticket from Tessa Mae's, Mapua Country Trading, Zoom Hairdressers or Mahana School

Get stuck into that closet and weed out the clothes you want to swap!


Please note that alcohol will only be provided to those over 18, juice will be available as an alternative. Tops ups of mulled wine will be available at a small extra cost (bring cash please). We do encourage safety so if you plan to "have a few" then please arrange a sober driver, someone to pick you up or walk home with friends.


Also let us know if you have any mirrors available to lend us for the evening, contact Adele Smith on 540 2793 or Paula Short on 540 3394


You do not need to live in Mapua to attend this event, all are welcome. If you cannot get down to one of the above businesses to get your ticket then please contact either Adele on 540 2793 or Paula on 540 3394 and we will arrange to hold a ticket for you.