Local currencies

Living Economies

Living Economies, a New Zealand Trust established in 2002, promotes and supports the implementation of local currency systems, which are an integral part of Transition Towns plans.

At the Living Economies website www.le.org.nz there’s a wealth of articles and information about local currencies. The site also has more that 360 links to sites related to currencies and sustainability issues.

The resources page lists some of the books and DVDs available. Books such as Interest and Inflation-free Money, by Margrit Kennedy, Healthy Money, Healthy Planet, by Deirdre Kent, and Market Schmarket, by Molly Scott Cato would be invaluable resources for the TT Money group. Incidentally, Molly is a key person in TTUK – hear her speak.

The DVD The Two Faces of Money is another excellent resource. This film includes interviews with leading developers and users of Time Banking (UK), LETS (Green Dollars) (France) and the fast spreading Regio currency (Germany).

Enquiries: Helen Dew, phone 06 379 8034, email info@le.org.nz

Community Exchange System


The Community Exchange Network is a global network of complementary currency exchanges.

List of complementary currency software/systems