Starting an email group

A number of towns are starting their own email groups, and this makes good sense as there will be lots of email traffic that is irrelevant to others across the country. While there are a number of different ways to do this, if you want to start one and are unsure how, follow these steps:

1) Go to and create a gmail account. Choose an email name and password that are easy for people to remember and that relates to Transition Town *your town*. Think of this as a tool for your local TT initiative, rather than a personal account.

2) When you have completed this and are looking at the gmail window, you will find a link in the upper left, that will take you to "Groups" From there you can create a new group for TT *your town*

3) When you are in the Google group you have created, go to the group settings and choose how you want it to work for you. Here's a few suggestions, that might help the group function well: ''' Access''' People can request an invitation to join. No moderation - messages are delivered directly Email Delivery Replies are sent to the author of the message

4) Invite Members - you will need email addresses of those you want to join up.

That should get you started.