Transition Timaru Food Group

The food group formed as a result of our public meeting on 27th July 2009. We had our 1st meeting on 4th August.  We are working on a number of projects including:

Timaru Farmer's Market

We hope to establish a local Farmer's Market in Timaru within the next few months.  We are trying to get a group of enthusiastic people together to take this forwards.  If you are either a potential stall-holder or a member of the public with an interest in making this happen please get in touch with any of the food group members below.

Garden Share & Garden Gleaning

We hope to make a register of people who have spare or unused garden space which they would be willing to let others use to grow food, and to put them in touch with people who are looking for such land in return for a share of the produce.  Additionally we aim to compile a list of fruit or nut trees in the district that are left unharvested and to make this list available to those with the time and ability to collect the produce.

If you have either spare land or unharvested produce or if you would like access to land or produce please contact Silke (see below).

Composting Workshop

We are planning a half day composting workshop. This will be on 12th September.

Current Members