Transition Pt Chevalier meeting August 11, 2009

Minutes Tuesday 11 August 2009

Present: Ruth, Jenny, Yolanda, Finn, Ally, Guido, Niki, Deryn

Apologies: Keith, Jo, Geoff

Western Springs project – Niki. Enviroschools. Culmination of a number of efforts – this weekend painting way stations – dark, dreary colours for Waste, bright, glorious shades for Recycling!

Students surveyed immediately after lunch to discover what was done with their waste. Worst rubbish was GLADWRAP!

Sistema – NZ company making funky reusable lunch boxes. Trying to get large scale composting going.

Went to save Our Enviroschools meeting – wonderful feel to it, lots of great young people there.

Finn – Treasure Hunt subgroup. Mission statement

Yolanda has joined Grey Lynn Farmers Market Inc to be launched 9am Sunday 6 September.

Meeting was particularly taken with the idea of the Oooby Table to exchange backyard fruit & veg.

Niki has donated a copy of her book Carbon Neutral by 2020 to PCTT. Yolanda is holding this and a DVD of Transition Towns NZ – A one year celebration.

Guido - Website has been slightly altered by the wiki adminstrator of the Transition Towns – we’re going to roll with it to see how it goes.

Ruth – has had communication problems (ha ha - joke) and finally her computor had died so currently she is unprepared to hand over the role to Amanda just now. To be sorted next meeting or before. Ruth has offered to write up A Dummy's Guide to TT Communication for all of those people who are communicatingly-challenged (whoever you are out there).

Ruth – Garden Group moving right along. Meeting last week at Stu & Michelle’s, the community garden is steaming ahead at a rate of knots – the broad beans are being rescued from snails. Further discussion on best methods here.

Ruth – Unitec garden (Horticultural Sanctuary). Logan PCTT rep, on behalf of the Garden group, is going to suggest, instead of individual allotments, community cropping. They’re selling seedlings at the sanctuary daily.

Deryn – presenting new ways to use dog pooh for composting. Issues with worm treatment substances for direct use, however can be resolved. We hope.

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